Why no skips?

Just found out that this last month I didn’t have 1 weather station skip or rain sensor skip. Everything worked great last year…anything you can do to help? I tried the help desk but have not gotten a response.

You are on a flex daily which does not skip, it only waters when necessary.

Also, you might have some rain sensor issues just FYI.


Thanks for the quick response. So do I want fixed or fixed monthly to be able to add the rain skip? I was wondering why I kept getting several notifications on rain skips saying on then off…thanks for the heads up in that.

Both those support skips, typically flex daily is more efficient in the long run.

This might help understand the different types of schedules.


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So awesome how quick you are responding. The number one reason I was told to go with Rachio is the customer service and you are backing that up. Thanks for your help!!!