How to add a motion sensor

just added the rachio 3 system and need to add a motion sensor to my mulch beds to stop the deer. I see other brands offer a motion sensor for their products. Does rachio offer a motion sensor or can someone tell me if there is another brand that is compatible with the rachio 3 system. I see some things online but just not sure if they will work and would love to be able to tie it into this system if possible.

I use a Yard Enforcer which is a stand-alone version of what you are talking about. Rachio does not directly support that, but I know people have done this using home automation here in the forums. Will that help you?

Yes I use the smart things app and going to test out my ring camera to trigger the motion to turn on the zone needed.

This is exactly what I used at one time when a neighbor kept letting his dog crap in my yard and not pick it up. I haven’t used it in a long time, but as long as you have Rachio connected to ST, it should work. Just set a rule within ST to run zone x when motion on Ring.

I tried setting up my ring camera last night. I was able to view the camera through the smart things app and i was also able to turn on a rachio zone through the smart things app. I set up the “if” to be front door camera motion detection and the “then” to turn on zone 10 and turn off after 1 minute. but it is not working. is there something special to do to trigger the motion sensor?

Boy, it has been 4 years or so since I did that, and I haven’t tried it since ST moved to the new platform.

That certainly sounds like what I did. I can try and play with it this week to see if I can still get it to work.

Wondering if ST supports live events with ring - ring are notorious about limiting events. Can you control the zone from ST? look up events on the ring camera in ST (History tab) - does it reflect the motion events? Is the camera set to use smart events (ie person detection)? Make sure motion events are on, not just person detection. No other ideas at this time.

history motion is not working but I can access the camera and the sprinkler zone from the ST app. Its a first gen doorbell ring camera so maybe to old. going to try a ring spotlight cam to see if that works.

My Ring Pro looks like it is showing history in the ST app. I can’t access the video history in ST, but it shows the event. I have my doorbell motion set to trigger a series of lights, so I know it works… @qttire1 you could try setting a rule to have it turn on lights with motion just to test that the Ring side is working…

I’ll have to re-link Rachio to my ST. I removed the link a few years back as I just didn’t see a practical purpose for it to be in ST and have an extra 16 devices (zones) that I wasn’t doing anything with…

I setup my lutron light to when turn on activate sprinkler zone and that worked perfect. I think my ring cam is first gen, going to get a spotlight cam and try that.

I currently am using a Zooz battery powered outdoor motion detector array with my Smartthings hub. Both the Rachio and the Zooz motion detectors connect to the hub. Smartthings will allow you to set up a routine that will run a particular zone when motion is detected. You can also turn the zone off after 1 minute (Rachio minimum is 3 minutes). Zwave is a good option because it reaches further than wifi. Sensors are about $40 and available on The system works very well. I have been using it for 5 years.

If you already have smartthings, get a zooz outdoor motion detector. They are battery powered and work with zwave for max distance from rhe hub. Motion detectors have just been redesigned and released. They can be found at

If Rachio had fixed their Homekit integration as promised, that’s exactly what I’d have,

One for all the neighbors and dogs on my front lawn. One for the pesky sales critters that can’t read no soliciting signs on my front door.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when Rachio abandoned us.

I mean, HomeKit works now, but I wasn’t able to find a way to use Rachio as an action?! has anyone? and this one here might be on Apple