How long for Rachio to show my PWS in Weather Underground?

Just added my new Ambient ws2902 Wi-Fi weather station to all the web locations. PWS WU etc.

How long befor I can select it on the Rachio app?

Happy Fathers Day early!!!

Do you have gen2 or gen 3?

3 !!!

I’ve been told a couple days after it comes online.

I think you have been told wrongly…bunch of crap…my pws is visible by every cloud group except Rachio.

I followed up with IBM today as I mentioned in an earlier thread. This is the response I received from them. Please understand this is completely out of our control and we are doing our best to relay this information to IBM as we receive feedback.

Apparently the station is still backlogged and has not caught up in the time frame expected. The team is going to attempt to flush the current queue tomorrow to try to get this update in. After the queue is flushed, it will take a minimum of 48 hours for the cache to clear.

We are actively watching this station to ensure it starts to update!

Thank you for sending over all the details and again I apologize for any inconvenience!


Happy to report that my PWS is visible in Rachio!


Xmas in June. :sunglasses:



Awesome, glad to hear. I’ll stop beating the IBM support team down.


Hey there, so I need a Gen 3 in order to utilize my Ambient Weather PWS?

@masterflex92 - short answer is no. You can use Gene’s service to port the weather data over to Aeris.

@DLane That will work, but the Gen 3 is way cooler :wink:


@Franz - Agreed! I just jumped to a conclusion (may be incorrectly) that @masterflex92 already had a Rachio Gen 1 or 2 device and was trying to connect it to their PWS. If this will be a new purchase, definitely go with the Gen 3.

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I do have a Gen 2. Debating whether to use Weathersnoop or bite the bullet and upgrade to the Gen 3.

There are no discounts available at the moment though :unamused:

@masterflex92 - check out @Gene’s wufyi

I’d get a Gen 3 if I could get the $50-70 discount but it’s a bit of a stretch within the first year to upgrade without it…

Are Rachio helping out existing owners? I have installed 4 of the Gen 2 units for neighbors too on my recommendation!

@masterflex92 I’ll PM you. :wink: