Wufyi status update

About 50 of you may have noticed a different message within your cron-jobs recently.
I’ve spent a good portion of this weekend on debugging the new wufyi code and I’ve chosen 50 of the active accounts to start using the new core so I could better evaluate the results of the changes.


  1. New process is using an internal cron service (which doesn’t depend on the web frontend), so no more 5xx errors.
  2. If you are new to the beta, your wunderground API is no longer used, feel free to use it elsewhere.
  3. Updates are done every 5 minutes or at the update rate of your PWS, whichever is less frequent.
  4. Front end / signup is not yet ready. I advise you to use http://beta.wufyi.com or email your information to beta@wufyi.com
  5. I’m adding support for CWOP data feed to allow easier setup and support for solar data to reach to rachio. If you are interested in participating as soon as possible, you can obtain your station ID here (link) and email me your information to beta@wufyi.com.

It will probably be at least 2 weeks before the front end is completed to allow easier setup, meanwhile I may pull more users into the closed beta in order to reduce the server load (new process is about 20x more efficient with the server memory use).



@Gene, thanks for the wufyi facility. I’ve been using the legacy version for about a week and a half with temperature data from my WeatherFlow Air unit. The Sky rainfall/wind units haven’t yet been released.

I wanted to let you know that I’m experiencing daily data spikes which may be similar to those you were discussing in March. These aren’t hurting anything of course, so I can either post some info about them or wait until you’re done with the beta development and see if the recur. Let me know if you’d like information about the spikes.

Hi @davelr, sorry to hear about your experience. Feel free to switch your URL for the cron-job from simply “wufyi.com” to “beta.wufyi.com”, alternatively feel free to email me your info (source station, target station) and I can add you to the closed beta.

Beta users should not experience the spikes you are describing.


Thanks @gene, that took care of the spikes.

I just changed mine over to beta.wufyi.com. Let me know if you need any additional testing done, Gene. Thanks for doing this for the community!

A bit of an update:

Due to a helpful email feedback, I was made aware of an issue which has affected less than 10% of closed beta users. Those unfortunate few had data from a wrong source being published to their destination.

I was able to track down the bug within registration code which caused the error and corrected every account which had a mis match between original URL and resulting sync job.

If you noticed a sudden jump in the data today, it was this issue being corrected. I apologize to those who were affected.

Thank you for your patience, alas sometimes the bugs are not made apparent until sufficient number of users are using the new code, hopefully it will be a smoother sailing for here on.



@Gene, was just curious if you’d been able to further the beta project along. Thanks

Yes, the backend is pretty solid at this stage, I’m just finishing up configuration interface and notification system. The new system will internalize the cron-job(s) and this a new interface is needed for people to set / adjust their settings (as well as get notified when something goes wrong). If there is anyone with front-end development experience who would like to help, shoot me a line at frontend@wufyi.com. I hope to have something out first few weeks of 2018 (one of my new year resolutions ;-)).


@Gene, thanks for update. I’d love to help out but I’m afraid all my coding experience was back in POL days so I wouldn’t be of much help. Sorry

No worries :slight_smile: I’ve just put the info there just in case. I realize my front-end development has taken longer than I’ve originally planned, but I have not had a chance to dedicate as much time as I’d hope with end of the year deadlines and the holidays.

Hope you all will see the fruits of my labour soon :wink:

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Hey @Gene, was just digging through the Rachio V3 UI and was wondering if you’d been able to find the time to work on your front end. To be sure, the current system is working well through the beta address, though. Thanks

I’ve done some front - end development over the past, but I’ve recently seen the need to support a wider variety of sources. As such I’ve done a lot of back-end redesign which now would allow not only wunderground and AcuRite, but also direct data acquisition from Ambient weather, WeatherFlow, La Crosse and potentially many others which may show up in the future.

I’ve also been experimenting with the server loads and maintaining existing code.

Sorry that the front - end has been lagging so far behind, I’ve been in touch with many users over the email and trying to develop something that will be easy to use for everyone.


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Thanks for the reply, was just curious. Thanks again for the interface.

Haven’t spoke with you in a while @Gene about the WeatherFlow. Glad to see it mentioned here. Looks like WF is now starting to ship a final product but is progressing slowly due to Chinese new year. Hope to have my full unit in about a month.

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I recently switch from wufyi.com to beta.wufyi.com using cron-job.com (update every 5 minutes). The URL looks something like

In the last couple of days I seem to get a lot of “cron job failed” from cron-job.com with a return code of “500 Internal Server Error”
Is there something wrong with my url? Is this something normal that I should expect (I wasn’t getting it at the non-beta url)? Or has something changed recently.


@MisterP Not sure if the same as your situation, but had something similar yesterday. Had a WeatherFlow Air running as my station for a while, but haven’t pointed to it with Rachio as no precip data. Got my Sky unit yesterday and fired it up but when I went to PWS to check for data my station was shown as “no data”. I don’t know how long this had been going on. I had to go to the Cron job site and mess with (edit) the job to get it running again. Has been ok for a day or so. I’d routed the cron fail messages to trash in email so hadn’t seen them. Your url looks ok to me.

Unfortunately wunderground is having some sort of server issues. Consequently the response time has been awful and all of the cron-jobs have been piling up, overwhelming the server and causing the 500 server error message(s).

I’ll see if I can convert everyone to the internal cron service this weekend. Hopefully this will fix the issue with the cron-jobs timing out and/or piling up.

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@Gene Thanks for update. Might this be the cause of a gap in my PWS data from about 6 PM MDT (6/14) to about 3 AM MDT (6/15)?

@davelr feel free to email me your wufyi URL to support@wufyi.com and I’ll check into that. Alternately we could use data from weatherflow servers instead of WU. If you are interested include your weatherflow public share link in the email.


Thanks Gene, will do