How I wish my 5 controllers could be one... years later


having been a rachio supporter and user for several years, it is getting very old waiting for the software to deal with more than one controller at a time. The aggregation of multiple controllers has been a topic and a promise for years. The promise of it being in the “new” version continues to be just that, a promise with no progress.

I currently have 5 Rachio controllers on the property, mostly 16 channel and 1 new one in a box waiting to be connected up. It has been waiting for months as it seems to be a waste…

We draw our irrigation water from a 2500 gallon tank. If too much is drawn the sprinkler boost pump runs dry, overheats and fails, the repair being 3 hours and $150 each time…

To avoid the pump running dry I have an elaborate spreadsheet to list the 60+ active valves and then do comparison to make sure the run time and flows are never more than the tank and refill rate can handle. Usually get it right. If not I buy another pump.

being able to see and control everything within rachio has been the promise and the goal for years.
It has been promised for the New software (18 months ago) and then the New New Software… and still. No

The lack of progress and even worse nothing being said about this vital feature for the past year is down right depressing.

Did I make a mistake being a loyal rachio supporter and booster to all my friends…???

Please restore my faith in rachio. Mankind too if you can :slight_smile:


How is a pump running dry any controllers fault, sounds like your pump needs a level or pressure switch installed. Your pump could run dry with any use of water.


You are missing the point. Try managing 50-70 stations that have no understanding of each other becuase the software still has no way for them to be available in a global view. The entire reason for a smart controller system is the key word - Smart. I support Franz, I support rachio but I am bored waiting for the features that have been promised. An IoT device that has failed to advance to multiple controllers in over 3 years is not real smart.


What feature are you requesting?


IMO, Rachio added a lot of promised features this season. If they have any plan for controlling multiple controllers as one, it’s surely higher up on the To Do list now.


@aristobrat, I have seen this request a couple times, I am curious, what is the advantage? Are you looking to prevent controllers from overlapping?

It might be worth adding what your real itemized requests are to the suggestion, generic suggestions are really hard to implement unless they are really straight forward.


I only have one Rachio, so I don’t need this feature. I was just saying that Rachio did add several other long-requested features this year (iPad support, well pump delay, ability to pause a running schedule, etc), and that hopefully his long-requested feature is now closer to being worked on.

As for what the advantage is… can you imagine having a lawn so big that you have to use five separate Rachios to water it? Say you want to check your zone moisture levels or watering history. This means you have to go into the app, select your first Rachio, find the data you need, then select your second Rachio, find the data you need, select your third Rachio, find the data you need, select your fourth Rachio, find the data you need, and then select your fifth Rachio and find the data you need. That sounds like a pain in the butt, especially if you’re trying to compare zones that are on different Rachios.

This also means you’d have to manage five different schedules – one per Rachio.

IMO, the advantage to having the Rachio software treat multiple Rachios as a single “mega” Rachio means you could get a single view that shows ALL of your zone data, watering history, etc… and you could possible have one schedule that covers watering all 60 zones.


Hey @steveTriunfo!

I truly hate to be the bearer of bad news :grimacing: but our CTO, Franz, made an official statement regarding this in June. See below:

-Lo :rachio:


I think I am appalled - Over the past 2 years I have had multiple conversations with Franz, he always acknowledged the need and desire to make this work and even explained to me what new framework Rachio was going to to enable the features that are needed. In fact I ran into one of your programmers in Frankfurt Airport one day about 18 months ago and we discussed it there to for a moment.

We have a number of programmers on our staff in the USA, Canada and Germany who work with far more complicated database structures that are real time functions and cloud based in Linux on a daily basis. I get the “commercial viability of a feature” has to match the resources it requires to create the backend, and I realize there are many people who would never have a need for more than 16 (OH MY!!!) stations. But the specific reason I chose rachio was the planned inclusion of building out the systems to manage larger projects.

Perhaps I will put someone on this. What ever happened to the API that was discussed.

Sadly Disappointed


Sounds like you guys want a Commercial Version for a substantially higher cost. API releases take profits away from a company. If you really want to do something more, there are really cheap industrial platforms out there, you can make them do anything you want. Everything they sell is very old and basic (Compared to the real players in the Industry, but it works.

There are also open projects using the $35 raspberry pi platform.