How do I get my controller back online

My controller went offline on October 26 and it appeared to keep watering on schedule for a couple of weeks. It is now apparent that the watering has stopped and I’m very frustrated since there is virtually no manual override on this unit so I’m watering my pots and beds with a hose.

None of the supposed troubleshooting tips have done anything. I have restarted my router and the controller is the only one of my 15 devices that does not reconnect, that includes my other controller which is a Hunter. I do use not use a smartphone so someone else had to initialized the unit in May. Now I’m stuck here with a wifi device that I cannot control and I’m pretty disgusted. What do I have to do to get this back online?

Try rebooting the controller (unplug AC power, wait a few seconds and plug it back in). If no luck, see

for ways to reconfigure Wi-Fi without a smartphone.

If no luck, ask a friend or neighbor loan you an old smartphone they likely have lying around. It doesn’t need phone service or even a SIM card, as long as you can connect it to Wi-Fi to install the app.

My third attempt at recycling the controller actually worked. I getting ready to try the Windows bat file when I realized that it was back up.

One thing that bothers me is that in three weeks I never saw any blinking/flashing lights – no matter what I did, it stayed with a solid blue line across. Pressing the WiFi button on the controller didn’t do anything either.

I’m relieved that I’m able to get things watered again. As far as configuring with a smartphone, the reason I had to have someone else do it was because my phone is too old for the app. Although the documentation said it would run on Android 4, it turns out it has to be a later version. IMHO, it should be possible to initialize directly from the PC – which is what I did for the Hunter.


Turn off your switch and wait 10 minutes before turning it back on. This should clear out any residual power that may have been left behind from the previous session.