Help with As Needed Issue

I have 3 zones and decided to put each on their own “As Needed” schedule. When I do this, it looks like only 2 of the zones are scheduled to run with a third being left out. Can someone in support help me figure out why this might be?

Ditch it, go back to flex.

I just did this last night. As need is far too aggressive with its frequency.

I sold my v1 controller to a co-worker, He sent me a text yesterday saying WTH … my controller is going to run tomorrow & it rained all day today (‘As Needed’). Then he used his flex schedule & all was good.

IMO … Makes no sense to stop supporting a feature that actually worked fairly well & replace it with a half baked new feature. You are removing the one feature that set you apart from other consumer grade ‘smart’ controllers. :frowning:[quote=“jemanner, post:5, topic:3671”]
Have faith, I don’t think they will drop Flex.
That’s what I’m hoping for…


Flex for the win baby!


In defense of As Needed, as poor as it is compared to Flex, surely it should have accounted for the rain and skipped the cycle. Have faith, I don’t think they will drop Flex. The outcry has been overwhelming.

Yeah looks like it also watered the 2 zones today even though it rained all night…not sure why it suddenly isn’t working.

@mbaturin Do you know what weather station you’re associated with and whether they received precip? You may also want to double check your Rain Skip settings. There’s a threshold you can set, but I believe it defaults to 1/8" which is pretty low.

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I had it set to the default of 1/8 and just changed to 1/16. The weather station I am using is a PWS .5 miles from my home (MID_NJ34). See this thread.

It seems to be pretty good.

I didn’t check the rainfall it measured during last night - but my sprinklers have skipped once before last week. Next time they don’t skip and it rains ill be sure to checkout the PwS’s readings.

Why would an ‘As Needed’ schedule still run when my controller is in standby mode?

Did it actually run, that is a forecast highlighted in yellow. Aka, that is what flex wants to,schedule tonight at 3, but it should not.

It did not run ( because I have not turned on the water ) :slight_smile: … although my numbers show this:

Odd, do you see the watering event?

Yup … started @

Then stopped @
Controller is in standby …

Send that to support. That is not right and mine never did that for the whole winter it was in standby.

Mine did not do it all winter either. I created the new as needed schedule a couple of days ago for grins then set the controller to standby.

Looks like what I’m finding is that the IRO will put a watering hold if there is rain in forecast but not if there was rain prior to the forecast. Does this sound right? The IRO did not skip when the rain occurred overnight for example and the schedule was set to run at 5am. But if the weather forecast calls for rain from 7-10am for example (and hits my inch requirement), the IRO’s schedule for 5am will skip.

For rain skip, we look 24 hours in the past and 24 hours in the future.

If you do have recorded (observed) rain that isn’t reflected in the event shown in your event history (these events show if the schedule was skipped or not, and the rain totals), you might look into choosing a different weather station.


Is there any possibility that the link between the PWS and Rachio has issues? I looked on the PWS’s information site and they registered the rain just fine. I’m going to continue using the PWS I am using and monitor more closely. The past 2 days we’ve received a lot of rain in my locations and its skipped all schedules on both days that were set to run. So maybe that one time was a glitch.