Help. At my wits end...about to give up. Can't connect Gen1 or Gen3

Had a Gen 1 for 3 years. No problem. Had to upgrade our Wireless Router due to multiple connectivity issues. This was done 4 weeks ago.

New router works awesome with everything…except my Rachio. I realized that my lawn hasn’t been watered in 4 weeks… I went to reconnect the Rachio to my new Router. I followed all of the troubleshooting suggestions/guide and no luck…3 hours of frustration.

Decided it just might be the Rachio…went and bought a new Gen 3, 8 Station unit at BB. Same problem. I cannot connect to my network. I spent an hour on hold with Rachio…then finally got a automated message indicating that there were no representative available and to leave my name, number and email address.

I’ve tried all of the solutions I’ve been able to research on the internet… The light gets to the 2nd section and just continues to flash white…then I get an error on the app telling me it can’t connect and to try again…

I’m about ready to give up and sadly go to a Orbit or Rainbird timer just to keep my lawn from dying…extremely frustrated.

@Fence82246 Here are some standard WiFi troubleshooting questions:

  • What type of router? Is it mesh?
  • Is there an extender?
  • Do the network SSIDs (assuming 2.4g/5g) have different names?
  • Are you using WPA2?
  • iOS sometimes has better connectivity with the controller due to the pairing process
  • Please run this app and provide the generated code

No controller left behind!


Router is a Sagemcom Fast5260
No Range Extender. The Rachio (1st floor) sits 10 feet away from the Router (2nd floor)
SSIDs have different names for both the 2.4g and 5g
Yes, I am using WPA2
I don’t own an Android device

Sorry…I should have said I don’t own an iOS device.

Do you have a firewall setup?

The RouteThis report does show the 5g and 2.4g network SSID to be the same name, that could impact. I would recommend trying with a guest network with a different name.

Also, are you sure the password being used is correct?


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Actually look like one like “XXXXXXXX-5G” and one like “XXXXXXXX - 5G” (with spaces).

The list we use comes from the phone so it’s possible the phone can see that one but the gen3 is closer to the other. My guess is on the password being wrong though.

I would start with a guest network with known password. If works, I would walk backwards from there.


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Thank you! I turned on the guest Network 2G channel and used a known password. They Gen3 connected with no problem.

I think the problem with the two 5G networks was a naming difference between my old router and new router.

Is it possible ir even Necessary for me to now transfer the Gen3 to my regular non-guest network?



For what it is worth, I keep all my Internet of Things devices on a guest network for security. There’s usually no reason for IoT devices to have full access to the LAN. But there are WiFi reset instructions at Rachio’s support pages if you think you’ve resolved the normal network settings.