Hard reset Rachio 3, Still "Boot Error One"

Hi Everyone,

I recently received the replacement unit and now I’m afraid to plug it using using the following power supply:
Input: 230 v 50Hz 100mA
Output: 24 VAC 650mA

Any suggestions on how to improve my power connection to avoid the boot error?


@mauricio , this is hardly a representative complaint, as @Tomas has indicated he’s trying to integrate a Rachio device in Chile with 230V 50Hz power, which means he’s had to rig his own third party power transformer to the 24 VAC Rachio device (ie: substituting for the approved Rachio power brick) without blasting it. Unfortunately, for our friends without domestic North American-style power, despite being excellent technical users and Rachio fans, they’re trying to solve a tricky problem which can put their device at risk of failure. If you’re considering a Rachio in a location that does have the appropriate domestic power source, you, with proper installation, should have no such issues.

There are a number of visitors to this forum (including North Americans) who have described solutions for unique power issues for Rachio, or their water pumps, meters and sensors. Most know how to get it done, and are willing to share their experiences.

Out of the many tens of thousands of Rachio units sold around the world, there is a VERY small group of controllers that have developed this boot error, and in a number of cases, the issue showed up after a power issue based on this and other posts. On top of that, in most cases, the controllers are under warranty and have been replaced by Rachio.

What kind of formal response do you want to a small isolated issue?

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To add to this thread, my rachio 3 did the same thing after a breaker was turned off and back on. Support offered to send a replacement, but, this product clearly isnt functioning as it should. A timer shouldnt be bricked by a simple off and on of the power. So, I declined the replacement and am going to get a more reliable replacement.