Hard reset Rachio 3, Still "Boot Error One"


There was a power outage and afterwards the white light in zone 1 blinks a few times, finished by a solid red, then it “resets”

I removed the Rachio 3 from my account, and Factory Reset the device (yellow light growing, blink solid blue, then white light disappearing towards the center.

It reboots, then continues the white blinking light in zone 1 followed by a red solid.

Unplugged it, hit the STOP, plugged it back in, same error.

How do I get this thing working again ?


@laura.bauman, @mckynzee - this one’s for y’all. Out of my area of experience.


Thanks for the heads up @DLane!

@BigFNj - would you be up for reaching out to our support team with this issue so we can help troubleshoot and then log the issue?

So sorry for the trouble!

:cheers: Lo


Im having the same problems im affraid! any luck?


I had exactly the same situation. Power out then cannot pass boot error lights.
Is there any solution to this? I haven’t had the change to use the device yet!.

@BigFNj did you fix this problem?