Got my new Rachio 3!

Got the Rachio v3 delivered today (8 zone). I’ll be able to hook it up on Sunday and run it Tuesday, curious how the local estimates of weather will compare to my PWS (I still plan on using my PWS obviously but might do some testing for fun.) Thanks, looking forward to the flow meter next month.


when did you order yours – curious when they are all shipping out –

Order the morning of the announcement. Shipped 4/17 arrived today 4/20.

I think a lot of us are super curious about this too! Please let us know what you see!

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The UI is very simple. By default it shows your home on the map, that Weather Intelligence is turned on, and has three big dialogs for 1) when rainfall will dictate no watering 2) when wind will cause a skip and 3) when temperature will cause a skip. That’s it. There is a slider that says “switch to weather stations” that if you hit it turns off the entire UI of the weather intelligence and goes back to the classic system of picking weather stations (including selecting from local PWS) and using the data from that one specific station. Now I have a weather station at my home but out of curiosity I will run the weather intelligence and compare. Hopefully it is pretty close because I assume the weather intelligence will actually use my station (heck it is the closest!) as at least one of the variables it averages to calculate what the weather is at my home.

I have a Ambient Weather Wifi at my home but after 1 1/2 years sometimes the rain bucket is getting stuck and I’ll find after a big rainfall it shows zero rain, the rest works fine and when the rain bucket does work it is perfect. I’ll have to figure out a more permanent fix, replace it (they aren’t tooo bad when bought alone to replace an old one) or just use WI on the Rachio 3.

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I received similar response from them.

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I was told April 18th that pre-orders would start shipping this week. Obviously that wasnt truth as people have already received their units.

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I guess they didn’t think we read the forums when they give us a load of baloney

Curious if any of these orders included the flow meter as I believe that combination unit wasn’t going to ship until later. Could that be a source of the confusion on one side or the other?

I completely agree and pissed as well. I just want to be updated with accurate information. I also don’t understand how shipping gets pushed back 2 weeks when orders are supposed to go out. It’s a frustrating start with a company. The only reason I’m still here is because of some reviews from friends. It was this or RainMachine, so hopefully I made the right choice.


The flow meter bundle shouldn’t matter since it’s being shipped separately. Also, I’m 99% positive boldblue737 got the combo from his other posts.

I did not order the flow meter either, but i did order the outdoor enclosure though

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If the orders has been pushed back two weeks its because maybe there is something wrong with the product / software, etc… why the rush? I think is better to received a product that works instead to be complaining later. Be patient…


I worded that part wrong. What I meant is why was it pushed back two weeks in the same week? I understand what you’re saying, but they have already shipped some. The rush is because I have a new system and would like to get it operational asap. I guess the new product tipped me in Rachio’s direction, but I like transparency and communication. At least when Nest pushed back “Hello” a month, they sent an email informing and ended it with if you don’t like it then cancel. Interesting move but respectable.

I would not be surprised if the delay is due to component shortage. Asia being the major supplier for most electronic components means that anything ordered in production quantities gets shipped via a slow boat from China. Any issues in customs / manufacturing can easily mean weeks of delays before the components actually make it to the assembly line.


I understand this, but when you are bringing out a new product you typically have a large stock on hand before taking orders. Id like to see sales numbers vs units shipped before Id believe they had a shortage of components.

Here is the update. I ordered on the 6th, so I’ll get mine the week of the 30th. So in May I’ll finally get mine haha. They must be slammed with preorders and trying to catch up.

I did buy the combo, on day 1 Rachio didn’t even offer the units without the combo. I ordered early in the morning of the first day they were available and I’ve had the unit since Friday 4/20. Not sure how I got “lucky” other than I must have ordered very, very early. That said I understand frustration if you don’t have a Rachio, but if you have an older unit be patient because honestly the big new feature here is the flow meter and those don’t arrive for anyone until May anyway. Weather Intelligence Plus seems cool but I have yet to be able to see how it compares to my PWS. I don’t expect it to be as accurate but it will be interesting if it is closer than just picking the nearest PWS that isn’t mine.

@boldblue737 – Yep! We did ship limited number of preorders last week as inventory allowed.

@sandyeggo – no lying; we’re working as fast as we can to get all preorders shipped ASAP. We had higher demand than anticipated.

@Edpsx – shipping dates were always estimated; we apologize for any miscommunication.

@DLane – Flow meters will be shipped separately in late May/June.


Well I finally received my unit today and I’m pretty happy. I ordered the outdoor enclosure as well. I installed everything pretty easily. I took my time, took pictures of my old wiring and still labeled everything. The new wiring was easy. I had to make a trip to home depot to get a water tight connector that I wanted to keep everything dry. Even with the home depot trip, and taking my time installing I was done in 2 hours or so, and then about 30 min getting the app and programming all of the zones with labels and pictures.
Very smooth,