Generation 2!


Generation 2 8 Zone now available at or !




Made my day.



I found it a bit early… :wink: Check the date :stuck_out_tongue: I couldn’t hold back any longer!


LOL. If you PM me I’ll get you some free Rachio swag. :wink:



Ah! Given I only have 3 zones and am not even using my controller yet, I could have saved myself $50 by waiting an extra 2 weeks to buy. Oh well, hind sight is 20/20 right?


Planning for the future… :wink:



Please do soon. Would really like the 16 zone controller; HomeKit integration and I wouldn’t hesitate.


Revisiting as I have lately seen some Gen2’s on eBay at reasonable prices while used Gen1’s are still also selling pretty well. The price difference to buy Gen2 and sell Gen1 wouldn’t be much.

However, none of the 5 “upgrades” or changes for the Gen2 are needed or helpful for my install and use case. Am I missing some other reason to upgrade to Gen2?

  1. More room for wiring… Not a problem
  2. Different wifi setup… Not a problem
  3. Manual controls… Don’t need them
  4. External enclosure… Don’t need it
  5. More Sensors… Don’t need them

If there are no other changes then I don’t see a need to upgrade. I am not complaining, please don’t take this post as such, just wondering if I am missing something. If I am not, then thank you for making a great product!


The Gen 2 is definitely more aesthetically pleasing :wink:

If the above don’t matter to you, a Gen 1 should work. The software is very close other than flow sensor data and zone diagnostics we can provide with Gen 2. I like to call it Rachio classic.

Hope this helps.




I have a Rachio 1 and a rachio 2 in the box waiting for me to swap the 1 out.

You say “flow data and zone diagnostics”

Is that one thing?

Meaning, until I install a flow sensor are there any zone diagnostics? Or only when I install the flow sensor?


Hi @Professordave!

They are two separate things! You will get zone diagnostics with or without the flow sensor. These diagnostics help notify you if there seems to be a wiring issue in your irrigation system.

McKynzee :rachio:


Oh snap, I missed that, I must search for documentation


@plainsane, here’s documentation :slight_smile: