Gen3 Won't Connect to Cloud (4th Light Blinking)


I’ve PMed you for more information.



I am having the same problem. BTW, I am migrating from gen 1 to gen 3. Really surprised I am having problems with gen 3. A bit embarrassing. Can you also assist migrating my settings? BTW, running latest app, tried logging out, re-installing and many power cycles.


I’ve PMed you for more information and we can get you connected. There were app releases today which should resolve almost all the connectivity issues during onboarding that have affected a very small amount of folks.



I’m having the same issues even after update the app 3 times. Are they working on fixing the issue?



I’ve PMed you for more information.



Still not able to connect controller. Haven’t heard anything from Support.



I’ve PMed you for more information.



Will you or support let me know when I should try connecting again?

I’m also unable to check my ticket status. Message says my email or PW is incorrect.

However; PW reset link fails to send email to my mailbox.



I reached out to you through the forum asking a couple questions, did you receive my direct message?


Nope. Received your emails and sent you my address.



Sorry I didn’t receive any email. Can you click on my name and send a direct message through this forum? Thanks.


Hi - having same issue here. 4th light blinking. If someone could tell me what to do, i would be happy to do it!


This issue should be resolved.