Gen3: Why did all CWOP stations disappear from the PWS selection page?

Just curious… Looks like only Wunderground official/PWS stations show up now.

I guess this would work as the only reason I was mirroring to CWOP was a thread a couple of seasons ago where @franz mentioned that stations (before gen3, this only previous option for PWS data other than CWOP) didn’t get UV/Solar Rad information which is important for ET.

But now, ET isn’t calculated from PWS data points from the selected PWS, correct?

might have just confused myself… :smile:

Those as well as national stations (i.e. airports)

We haven’t derived ET off of PWS for a couple years. It’s a long story why that turned out to be a bad idea.

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ok, good to know. I had set up a pretty complicated Ambient Weather ws1400ip PWS -> packet capturing to grab the data before it was sent to Wunderground -> docker container running WeeWX with a custom socket reader -> CWOP/PWSweather update process

I think I can probably do away with that now.

Can’t be too upset about that because the lawn looks great. At some point, it would still be nice to understand station data is being used to calculate ET to compare. I also think the self-healing station code you’re writing will be a nice addition.

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@Gene would be so proud of you :wink:


Actually, I think my Wunderground shell script* might have even pre-dated @Gene’s amazing tech. Unfortunately, I got my own PWS installed and never got to use his stuff.

*terrible code and insanely outdated - do not use :wink:

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Yes indeed :slight_smile: Credit where it is due: @johnny2678 was the first (I’m aware of) who has created a working script to move data from WU to pwsweather. It is documented in the first post (link) were wufyi is introduced :wink:

We stand on the shoulders of giants :slight_smile:
Gene :cheers:


uhh, there’s no comparison between my hastily built spaghetti code and your hosted solution with a modern architecture :wink:

So what happens with wufyi now that Gen3 is out? I guess Gen1/2 users still need wufyi for the time being?


Not sure yet. I’ll be happy to retire it should the need ever go away.

As it stands, wufyi may end up primarily feeding the data back into WU should it become the prominent data source, or allow more control over the data that gets to the cloud (calibration & QC prior to upload, that sort of thing). Time will tell.