Gen 3 won’t connect to wifi

I was able to connect … after all these days waiting for support to get back to me - first they closed my ticket because they saw my temp connection to the wifi hot spot, then they told me that I need to use some other device to connect, and finally they looked at my data and concluded that I have a duplicated network and I need to rename one of my networks. I do have two Verizon devices - main router (G2100) and wifi-extender (E3200), both working together forming a mesh system, so I can have a good wifi signal throughout my big house. I have 25+ devices that see it as one network and can successfully connect to it. Rachio is the only one that won’t connect. I was finally able to make it work - I had to temporary shut down the extender, then connect rachio, then turn on the extender again. The connection seems to hold after it’s established once. If it goes down after sometime I am going to throw this device into the garbage and buy something else. You need to train your support team to look at actual data before replying. I wasted too much time trying with all kinds of different devices misled by your support team.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. I was able to pair the Rachio with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

My phone worked the first time with the first Rachio 3 that I bought from Amazon.

However, it didn’t work with the second one I bought from Costco.

Thank you!

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Tip: If you have are using a VPN or have a Adblocker on your phone, disable it. I’m using Adguard and it creates it’s own VPN setup to block the ads and with it enabled, it would never setup the WiFi on the Rachio regardless of what I did.

Also, if you have an android phone. Go to your wireless settings, and connect to your Rachio device. After a few seconds, you’ll get a notice saying Rachio has no internet do you want to stay connected, check the box and hit ‘Yes’. Now connect back to your normal WiFi and setup the Rachio through the app.

Another suggestion is to separate your 2.4ghz and 5ghz signals out on your WiFi router, and select the 2.4ghz when setting up the Rachio. After you set it up, you can put your WiFi back to a single merged networks.

Hope these tips help somebody

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