Gen 3 won’t connect to wifi


I am connected on my iphone to my WiFi, I am right next to my Gen 3, I click the WiFi button my Gen 3, blue light is flashing throughout. I follow the promps in the app and then as it’s looking to add my Gen 3 to my WiFi it says it can’t discover it and won’t add the Controller

I can get the controller online, I will PM for more information.


I am having the same problem. I have extensive experience in diagnosing computer and network problem, so I don’t need hand holding. Wondering what the solution was to your problem?

Looks like your controller is online. Can you let us know what your error was and what you did for troubleshooting?

Also please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.


Same here. It all starts up correctly. I enter my password… then nothing.

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@Lsnowman1 Can you provide more information regarding errors/light pattern on the controller? Thanks!

Standard start-up. Lights flash up to section 3 where it pulses Orange. This is where i attempt to connect to the Wifi. It takes me through the “location”, scan barcode, then find Wifi. I enter my password and it “thinks” until it times out every time. Then it asks to try again. I have reset my router, reset the Rachio, power cycled each for the poast 2 days and I cannot get it to connect.

@Lsnowman1 Couple options and I am going to have the Android team work on this as well.


@Lsnowman1 I’m also being asked if the wifi on your phone is enabled…


Yes it is. I have also tried with and without BT on.

@Lsnowman1 If you’ve done the above two options (or don’t want to try them) I can get you linked up with our success team. They have a really good track record with WiFi connectivity issues and are much better at troubleshooting.


Ok, I will try the code for network assessment once I am back on my home network. I do not have an iOS device. I appreciate your help so far. I like to think of myself as IT savvy but this is stumping me. I have taken a lot more steps too.

@Lsnowman1 Ok sounds good. We will get you connected! I’m going to have our Android provisioning expert review your account as well.


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Franz, I currently am working with Ben in conjunction from your support team. Benjamin W (Rachio Support) I will probably have to plug in my old Gen1 to water my lawn until we get this figured out…

Ok thanks for providing that.

What’s my code for Routethis?

If you run this application it will generate a unique code. The Rachio code is ‘RACH’

A2XREWMU is my code

Good morning, I believe this has been escalated after a support call Friday. Looks like we’ll be replacing the unit without any other resolution. My Gen 1 is working fine since I had to reconnect it.

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