Gen 2 devices don't stay connected to Wifi

I have three separate Gen 2 devices in my house.
Using Google Wifi routers (3 of them) for excellent Wifi coverage throughout.

My Rachio controllers work most of the time, but every ~3-4 days or so one or all of them go offline. Bottom LED on the “tree” is lit, nothing else. Only recourse is to unplug and boot again.

Any ideas?

Can you run this on your network which will help us troubleshoot the issue? Once run please provide the generated code.

Thanks for your patience and have a great day.


Code is: YX3EQ52Y

Also, maybe same as this thread -> Gen 2 frequently falls offline after firmware update ?

Thanks @int2str. The hardware team will be focused on this next week. Nothing has changed in regards to our firmware or infrastructure so a little confused. This routethis code will help us test different network configurations. I hope to know more what is causing this behavior soon.

Curious what make/model of the Google OnHub router do you have? I know there is a TP-Link and Asus version.


The Google version :wink:

Ok thanks, will have the hardware team test with this version.



Thanks Franz and team for tackling this issue very quickly, with great communication along the way.
My controllers are all updated and hopefully they will stay connected.

Really want to highlight how fantastic this has been handled by Franz & the team. This is very rare these days so I feel like I should highlight this. When these problems were posted, Franz immediately replied in a very helpful and genuinely curious matter. No denials, no bullshit, just good communication. And even so this is seemingly a “Heisenbug”, a new firmware was rolled out.

Even if the rolled out fix somehow doesn’t immediately fix this problem, this bug really puts me at ease that I spent my money very wisely on a great company and great people! Thank you so much and please keep up the great work!


@int2str Thanks for the kind words, I’ll definitely share with the engineering team. It’s more like this :wink:

My new favorite term…


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