Gen 1 Controllers offline

Hi I have two controllers and they both went offline 3 days ago. I have used the troubleshooting tools in the app to update the WiFi however the app states they are still offline. On the controller the power light is on and the WiFi light is on and blinking green. However there is no light on the status LED.

I can see both controllers connected to my WiFi through my router. They have a assign DHCP and their status is active.

I also ran the route this tool and it produced the following key code 2X5DCE9B

Not sure what else to do. The controllers are not watering the yard while they have been offline.

Thanks Ali

@adowlat - I’m not sure I’d post a telephone number or email address in an open forum. One could PM it to one of the Rachio personnel.

Is this a Gen 1 device?

Yes I believe so

@adowlat - there can be a couple of different green blinking light codes ->

Which one is it?

Which version of the app (iOS or Android)? Is the app up to date (try downloading the newest version)?

What about the web app version?

Just went to check. The WIFI light was off. I rebooted the controllers and now the WiFi light is a steady green blink. I am using the Apple app version 3.15.2. Just checked the web app and it shows offline as well.

@franz - is the device being seen by the back end servers/infrastructure? Any ideas why the Gen 1 is showing up in the app off-line when the unit blinks green?

@adowlat Had the team review, for some reason they weren’t being seen as online. Corrected now, you should be good to go.


Hi , I have a gen 1 Rachio and haven’t been able to reconnect for love nor money since around the time I can got AT&T fiber (swapping out Xfinity).

I’ve reset everything multiple times, tried different devices, allocated separate guest network (2.4GHz only), given dedicated IP address, enabled MAC (just in case), double checked security settings and then even tried my Neighbor’s Xfinity and still can’t get it working. Any reason per the above that my Gen 1 router (labelled Jan 2017, purchased in ~ 2 and a bit years ago) would be offline?

Please help - amazingly lawn already needs water again here in Marin even though it’s only Feb!

A gentleman with a similar problem solved it; perhaps this will help:

If not, let’s start with:

  1. Confirm that from the Rachio’s location, you can connect from your smartphone to the network you are now trying to use with Rachio, that no login is required to access the internet, and that you have decent signal strength. If you still have anything set up on that network regarding MAC address filtering or static IP address, remove them and retest with your phone.

  2. After power cycling the Rachio (and it has had time to boot up and fail to connect to Wi-Fi), what do its lights show?

  3. If you attempt blink-up at this point, does the light pattern change? If so, what is the new pattern?

Report which devices you tried for blink-up. If any are Android, use

or similar and report the signal strength of your network at the Rachio location.