Rachio Generation 1 WiFi - Changing SSIDs

I have a Gen 1 controller and would like to move it to a new home network 2.4GHz SSID. I am not able to get the unit’s network into an amber blinking mode to change the network settings.

If I power-off the unit and disable the existing SSID WiFi network, the unit comes up with a red blinking status (long, short, short, short). If I power-off and the existing SSID is made available, it just reconnects connects with green blinking lights.

How do I get the unit into a mode that will accept new WiFi settings?

With the ‘old’ SSID turned off and the ‘new’ SSID broadcasting and available, power the controller off and back on. The Wi-Fi light will blink red but you should still be able to do the blink-up sequence. See

When you try the blink-up (and wait a minute after), does the light code on the controller change?

I took the step of removing the internal battery for 12 hours to see if it would clear any settings (it did not appear to do so).

I had actually had tried the suggested approach as noted, but it had not been successful. In each of those cases, there was no change in the in the WiFi or status light.

After reinstalling the battery this evening, I tried once again and was successful in registering with the new WiFi SSID. It could have been the battery, dust or something else over the sensor that came loose after removing the outer case, or that I used an iPad vs an iPhone for the Blink-Up (larger/brighter screen?). In any event, I am back up and connecting.

Thanks and cheers!