Future of Rachio WebApp & Web Calendar Issues

Just pinning this message to the top, since we have multiple posts regarding the matter.

  • Yes, the web app calendar is messed up. Dates don’t show correctly and look wonky, but rest assured that your system is running perfectly fine!

  • No, this probably won’t be corrected any time soon. Rachio CEO has made it clear that they DO NOT plan on shutting down the web app, but they are also not steering a lot of resources towards it to update it at this time.


Astonishing that sorting dates is considered a resource problem. It’s an embarrassing bug that immediately jumps out to all new users, and any developer worth his salt could fix it within a day.


Yes this is not exactly confidence inspiring. When will Rachio abandon the next portion of what we ostensibly bought and paid for? Sounds like a company that has not learned to walk before they try to run!

Did you not read the part that they ARE NOT doing away with the webapp?

I am perfectly capable of reading, thank you. “Abandon” refers to obviously broken pieces that they chose not to given any attention and fix, or remove. As is this function is useless at best, and distracting and confusing to many new users. It is not an asset to Rachio. I’ve been around the tech industry for a long time. This is not a good sign…

Everyone is entitled to an opinion on the matter. I personally never use the webapp, and honestly find it more of a pain to use than the app on my phone. Which honestly is funny since the webapp is literally just the app, opened in the browser. I just don’t like how small it is on my monitors, and this isn’t limited to just Rachio. All my IoT devises have the same “app on a browser” feel and function to them that I don’t care for.

All that being said, I’d much rather them continue to build and add features to the system, and add and innovate new products.

How is not having “any plans to enhance the webapp on our roadmap” and not supporting new products, NOT doing away with the webapp? Add on top of that the fact that the newest feature of their current product (variable crop coefficients) does not work on the webapp, and I think it is clear they are doing away with it. Today it is 95% working, next month it will be 85%, next year 50%… That is winding down an application… But OK. We know their direction so enough discussion on it.