Frustrations with UI

Trying to figure out why the UI is so inconsistent. On a schedule"as needed"(which is “flexible monthly” but Rachio doesn’t use consistent terminology in its own app) I can’t edit the zones, but on an “any day” (which is "flexible daily, again inconsistent terminology) schedule I CAN add/delete zones. Why? Sometimes I want to set zones to a fixed schedule when I install new plants-- Rachio makes this unnecessarily difficult to add/delete zones to suit my needs??

Hi @starmanj, The biggest value you get from rachio is from flex daily, if your local circumstances allow based on irrigations restrictions.I am not sure where you see the inconsistency in the UI. You always have the ability to do manual runs for specific zones in case you have new plants, and let the other zones run their course. If my observations of the plant health require intervention, I never hesitate to go manual with an estimated irrigation time. Another option is to fill/empty the zone to get it on your desired schedule.
Hope this helps. If not, give us more details on your set up?

hgugger, thanks for the response.

Nope you missed my issue-- not sure you read it carefully.
I can’t edit zones in “flexible daily”. Right? You CAN’T EDIT ZONES. That means you cannot add nor delete zones once you have created the schedule. Why? This is as I have said an inconsistency, because you can with other schedules types.

Then there’s the terminology randomness. I stated it fairly clearly.

Anyway I hope they fix this…a simple UI reviewer would catch these things.

I use flexible daily, and I just disabled a zone from a schedule. I’ve also added zones into flex daily schedules.

In addition, I have Fixed schedules set up for all my lawn zones for overseeding waterings in the fall. They are the exact same zones that are in my flexible daily schedule.

What are you seeing that is not letting you do this?

The terminology change was something that happened with the 2.6 release at the end of May (see 2.6 app release, shutdown). I’m not sure if they have all the support documentation updated with the schedule name changes, but the mobile app and the web app UI’s reflect the new names.

Just dawned on me – have you updated your mobile app to the latest software?

I can edit zones in my flex daily schedule. I’m not sure you are looking at the menu inside the schedule carefully. Very simple to uncheck a zone. Also, terminology is consistent. You may need to update your app which is something that you should always check.

I meant in my original post that you CAN edit zones in the flex daily, but you CANNOT edit zones in the flexible monthly. That is the inconsistency I am talking about.

See image above. Why can’t I edit this schedule for zones?