2.6 app release, flex-app.rach.io shutdown

Our 2.6 software app was approved from Apple, and we are targeting an official release in the next couple of days.

On the day of the release we will be shutting down https://flex-app.rach.io since all of that functionality (and much more) is incorporated into 2.6.

New Features

[+] Schedule selection start screen
Provides easy comparison for each schedule option.

[+] Schedule selection detail screen
Provides more detail for each schedule option.

[+] Flex schedules have returned, with a new name
We are reintroducing Flex schedules as an option.

[+] New schedule names
We are slightly changing the names of the schedule options.
On An Interval -> Fixed Interval
Specific Days-> Fixed Days
As Needed -> Flexible Monthly
Flex -> Flexible Daily

[+] Add and remove zones from existing schedules.
You can now add and remove zones from Fixed Day and Fixed Interval schedules.

Various bug fixes


I haven’t seen the app update yet, but based on that screenshot, I wonder why anyone would choose the “Flexible Monthly” option. I understand the appeal of predictability offered by Fixed Interval and Fixed Days. I guess Flexible Monthly is predictable a month at a time, but is that the main benefit over “Flexible Daily?” I thought the setup difficulty was the main problem with (what is now) “Flexible Daily” and what prompted the creation of “As Needed/Flexible Monthly.”

Should there be another metric to differentiate the two “Flexible” schedules?

Of course, I do realize that you want to keep this setup screen as simple as possible…just trying to help :slight_smile:

We are trying to find a good balance between fully dynamic watering and automatically adjusting intervals that have the potential to save almost as much water. Continuing to perfect that balance :wink:


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You guys announced at the time of Rachio 2 that you will release integration of Alarm.com in spring 2016. Does this app do that? What kind of integration exists or is expected and when?

@ashunidhi, we’re still working on an Alarm.com integration, but this release does not include that. We’ll post when Alarm.com is available.

You can see a list of our current integrations here: http://rachio.com/integrations