Friend Mad Because Order has Not shipped

My friend pre-pre-ordered Rachio 3 and flow sensor. He is complaining about Rachio. Any word on when his order will ship to Edmond, OK

Support is saying they’re are “shipping out units en masse this week”.

I could not wait any longer. RainMachine will overnight now and they have a IPad app!


I have a feeling A ton of people are cancelling their orders and going with Rainmachine. If I don’t have a ship notification by Friday I’ll jump to them too.

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just know what you are jumping too… for a delay of a week or two you give up the rachio’s unique smart scheduling, the rainmachine makes you build the schedule.


I did something pretty wild. I ordered the Rachio gen 2 from amazon with 2 day prime shipping and I’m going to return it as soon as my Rachio 3 finally comes in.


@robertokc, I’m not quite sure what “pre pre-ordered” means :slight_smile: …but let your friend know his controller will ship VERY soon! If he hasn’t already, he can prioritize his order here.

@jocamero, yep! Starting tomorrow aggressively shipping units.

@jmrtheman, we’ve had a very small cancellation rate. No one else offers a Wireless Flow Meter, nor the scheduling and weather intelligence Rachio does.


Rachio very clearly advertised a discount on Gen 3 before the units ships. This is pre-ordering. It is similar to Samsung offering deals on new phones before they are released.

Yea just got off phone with support and now they are saying late week or next week when I placed my order on the 4th and funds were taken on the 10th. Not shipped but pulled funds. Definitely not what was supposed to happen. Seems this keeps getting pushed back and we’re being mislead

I never pre-order anything after my experience with the Note 7 phone. Told my friend to be patient and he will be happy with Rachio.

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Rain Machine is no better than Hunter and Rain Bird’s wifi products. You must figure out your own schedule. Not good.


Dude, rain machine is a turd, rachio is years ahead of them, don’t do it, please


So funny. I doubt that company will around in the long term. No difference between it and the wifi products manufactured by Hunter and Rain Bird

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Don’t worry guys, I just got off the phone with support and they informed me that will send out a shipping update the week of May 7th. I asked about my order on the 25th of March and he informed me that I should receive it some time mid May. I’m debating on challenging the transaction with PayPal and I’ll give them the money when they can ship the item. This has been the worst company I’ve ever had the misfortune of buying from. If it wasn’t for all the glowing reviews from the Gen 2 I would GTFO

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Hi all,

Shipping update and statement from Rachio here! Thank you all SO much for your patience. Rachio 3 and Shipping Dates

-Lo :rachio:

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Friend got his Gen 3 and he loves it. When i am sure all the kinks are worked out, i will buy one, too.