Flow monitoring: add a real-time flow reading in accessory settings and active watering view


I’m using wireless flow meters, but this request would apply to wired flow monitors as well: right now there is no way to see real-time flow being reported by the attached wireless flow meters. Even during Calibration now, a single number gets reported at the end of the 4 minute period. And if you get any high or low flow errors and want to see what the actual flow is real time during zone watering, there is no way to see it.

Why. not take advantage of the great, expensive hardware that has been linked to the Rachio controller and provide a real-time flow reading both in Settings in the Flow Meter accessory details page, as well as in the current real-time watering screen when zones are active?

I understand this flow reading may be a bit slow and update only every 5-10 seconds or so with the wireless meters, but that would still be SO much better than the zero data we get today.

Please consider! Thanks in advance.


The flow calibration used to show a live bar graph as the calibration was happening but lately I’ve noticed it only reporting one number during the calibration period.

Yeah, even that real time graph during calibration was broken in one of the recent updates.