Flow Meter with Lake Pump

I have 2 Rachio systems, with one at our cabin and one at our home. Does the flow meter shut off the controller if the lake pump looses its prime. With my current Generation 1 Rachio if the lake pump looses its prime, the lake pump with continue to run according the the set up schedule. This running of the lake pump without water will quickly ruin the pump. Will the flow meter sense no water running and shut off the system and keep the lake pump from starting?

Please note, the Generation 1 controller does not support wired flow sensors or the Rachio wireless flow meter.

Since you have a pump, check out one of our newest features Delay between zones available in version 3.2 (released today)!

No water would trigger a low flow alert, which doesn’t turn off the zone from working. Additionally, our flow software will monitor for high flow leaks when a schedule is running – IF a high flow leak schedule is detected, the controller will disable that zone, send you a notification, and start watering the next zone on the schedule.

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@emil @franz ,

I am on verge of purchasing a Gen3 unit and need to execute the same routine requested above by @garyrask; When there is no flow or low flow from our 2hp pump (pulling from the river behind our house), I need Rachio to shutdown the system to avoid damaging the pump. In this routine incorporated into latest Gen3 firmware or do I need to generate an IFTTT statement/applet? This assumes the flow sensor data is available to the user? I intend to purchase/wire a CST 1.5" flow sensor from your suggested list.

I have read this thread that started with a similar request by @cahawkins51 :

I am keeping this other hardware solution in mind as a backup plan but do not want to purchase the Munro SmartBox if at all possible because the data necessary to close the control already exists with the flow sensor:

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@Gene - Any additional feedback you have would be appreciated!

I’ve checked IFTTT and rachio api, at least at this time there doesn’t appear to be any clear access to the flow meter data. I’m also unsure if the advanced leak detection features are available for the hardwired sensors at this time, if you are considering to go with Gen 3 I would recommend using the wireless sensor if possible.

Low / no flow should shut down the pump with the gen 3 firwmare, but the detection is individual to each zone and should the issue be detected for the first zone to run, Rachio will still try to restart the pump each other zone scheduled that day.

I’m curious if the river level data is available on internet somewhere. Have you tried searching here (link) or asking your town hall? Perhaps we can setup something to disable the rachio should the river level get too low, though I have a feeling that most of the flow issues may occur during debris blocking the intake rather then low water levels.