Flo by Moen integration

I would like to suggest integrating with Flo by Moen. Each month when Rachio makes adjustments to my watering schedule it causes my Flo to freak out and cut water. I’ve asked them to integrate with Rachio but they just said “well the Flo is smart and will figure out the schedule over time.”

I would like for the Rachio to recognize when Flo kills the water while a station is running so Rachio could resume the watering schedule once water is restored. While your in there doing GET calls you might also grab the flow rate too.



Great suggestion. I second this.


+1. My irrigation constantly triggers my Flo to shut off my water. It’s really a hassle.

I’ve added Flo to HomeKit via Homebridge, and configured Homekit to set Flo to SLEEP at around 4am and HOME around 6am so this disables it for the watering period.

Since Flo API offers also water consumption metering, it’d be great if Rachio could integrate native support.

I’ve had similar problems with Flo tripping when my sprinkler schedule changes. The best would be if Rachio could somehow tell Flo what to expect when watering (in case something broke while irrigation was running), but simply placing Flo into/out of sleep mode would get me 95% of the way there.