Flex watering after heavy downpour :(


It rained pretty heavily for several hours last Saturday, we had another heavy downpour (~ 2-3 inches) around 3am Tuesday morning and a bit more rain before noon, temperatures were moderately warm, in the 80s - but this morning I woke up to Rachio watering my lawn. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

@xcampax What schedule are you running on?

Flex daily.

@xcampax Can you post a picture of my moisture level graph along with expanding on the “More Detail” option so we can look at all the different things in motion

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You should also check the weather station you are using. It seems like that would be the most likely issue. The moisture graph could confirm this.

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I specifically looked up the data of the weather station I am using, by going to the Findu site, and it clearly shows the rain we got.

The chart isn’t showing any rain for the past few days so there is definitely an issue there. Maybe the communication between rachio and the weather station is broken in some way.

What @JPedrego is correct and is your main concern. You said you got a good downpour last saturday, which would be Aug 13th, but your weather station is showing 0 percipitation on the graph for Saturday, Aug 13th. I checked the link you gave and it looks like your station did show precip on Aug 13th. That is something you may want to follow up with Rachio support. Recently I was trying out a local PWS by me and the precip numbers were not getting downloaded to Rachio correctly. I worry that this is more of a systemic issue because of the same problems I was having. I was speaking with @franz about it in another thread.

Is Rachio support monitoring this forum or do I need to give them a call?

You could do either, but perhaps just contact them to get the ball rolling. Let us know what they say.

@xcampax @Modawg2k

This looks like a known issue with CWOP stations and NOAA.

Per Aeris (our weather provider):

“The station is sending the data as Precip since local midnight. Unfortunately, this is the value that NOAA is not redistributing for “APRSWXNET/CWOP” stations. We have requests in to add this, but as of the end of June, we were told there was no immediate option for them to redistribute these values.”

It looks like the station in question is only sending precipitation since local midnight which NOAA is not correctly redistributing.


You can choose another station or ask the station owner to send different data.

This thread had a user with similar issues.


Thanks for the extensive reply @franz . I think I have at least a vague idea what all that means, since I am not familiar with weather stations :sunglasses: Bottomline is, I either need to switch to another station or ask the owner of the currently selected one to send a different or additional value, right? But what exactly does he need to send?

Update: Would this be a better station to pick? I see two columns for precipitation here:

Or this one?


Either of those should be fine (assuming the other data is ~ accurate). They will report precipitation.


@franz, the reported precipitation looks accurate to me. Thanks again for your help - I’m hoping to not waste anymore gallons of water!

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I’m having the same issue with my PWS station. Last night we received approximately 0.9" PWS shows this precipitation but my moisture chart shows 0". Fortunately I have rain sensor which prevented the system from watering this morning. I manually “filled” the moisture tables. I’ve had this system for a long time and this is the first time I noticed precipitation not recorded.

Same issue here - and it had been working perfectly. I am using my own personal weather station thaht uploads here http://www.pwsweather.com/obs/archive/2016/08/18/week/KTXLEAGU69.html. For forecast the moisture detail correcty picks up the actual days rain, but for past days it shows 0 even though we’ve been getting an inch almost every day (and during the day of actual rain it would show it correctly). Again, this worked perfectly before so I don’t understand what changed.


I’ve reached out to our weather provider, I am also seeing the data discrepancy for that station.

Will let you know as soon as we have more information.



Same as above, precipitation data is not being returned from Aeris for your station.

I’ve opened a ticket and hopefully we will have a resolution tomorrow.