Feature request: Start at Sunrise

I would like to have the option to start a watering schedule at Sunrise. The reason being is due to the drought in California my home is now being visited by raccoons to drink from sprinklers prior to sunrise on my watering days (I have specific watering days mandated by our city). I really don’t mind letting the racoons drink a bit of water but they are mischievous and they end up destroying things while they are there waiting for the water. For instance last week they stole a shoe (thong/flip flop) and we can not find it. The next week they stole another thong/flip flop and ripped it to shreds. They have also ripped up various other items.

I have them on video via my security camera. They show up just prior to the sprinkler going off, drink when the sprinkler is on and then wait for the next time the sprinkler turns on again due to ‘smart cycle’ breaking up the watering time with some soak cycles - they seem to know all about smart cycle…

For now I have set my sprinkler to start at a fixed time which is 30 minutes after the current sunrise but sunrise times change so I will likely need to adjust things over time.

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I would find that useful as well. My zones have to start at 1am right now if I end by sunrise since I use low-flow MP Rotators everywhere, and I don’t like watering that early when it’s this warm out at night. I wouldn’t mind starting at sunrise and them running through mid-morning. So I’ve just been manually starting my turf zones at 4am, which I don’t think I want year-round.

That said, you should give Jack Jack from The Incredibles a call to deal with your raccoon issue.

I’d like this option too.