Email on 11/4 re: firmware push next week

Not quite sure what category to post this in, but here goes. Received an email from Rachio yesterday (11/4) with the subject “A Note On Your Wireless Flow Meter Firmware Update”. It said that "Early next week, we will push a firmware update to your Rachio 3 and Wireless Flow Meter, with instructions about what to do if things don’t reconnect for some reason. Anyone else receive this? @laura.bauman @franz Can either of you provide more info about what’s being updated? A bit surprised not to see a pinned topic or anyone else posting about this. Fwiw, my controller is still on iro3-firmware-hk-5-615 and my WFM is still on flow-ota-combined-53. Thanks. :wink:

I received the same email and I’m on the same firmware for both the controller and the WFM. I too would like to know what is going on and surely hope this doesn’t mess anything up.

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Hey @milehiguy! @Bgman Can absolutely give more specifics. This update is a continuation of version 632 from May. There was a platform defect related to WFM firmware upgrade that has since been fixed and is being pushed out to all WFM users. We also wanted to wait until the season winds down so this is less impactful.


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@franz - Thanks for the explanation. Does this mean we will be required to update our controller firmware (as I’m pretty happy with 615) and if not, will this cause issues with the new WFM firmware?

Yes the update is required so we have a default firmware baseline for all controllers, and firmware below 632 has the critical network defect that has been addressed.

If will not cause issues other than the one time battery power cycle that will need to be performed.



Very good, thanks for the info. :wink:

Ive already winterized my home. Am I able to wait until spring 2021 or should I do it now?

@Bgman @sekmet It sounds like my WFM firmware (flow-ota-combined-53), and most likely yours has a platform defect of some sort. This upcoming week, corrected firmware will be automatically pushed to our flow meter(s). Updated controller firmware will also be pushed. You may want to take a screenshot of the current version of each like I have, just for record keeping. Fingers crossed that the update(s) won’t disrupt current HomeKit integration since for me, it’s been working fine under the old firmware (version numbers in my OP). Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to perform a proper test of the new firmware until Spring when I activate my system again (currently winterized and in Standby). Anyway, thanks @franz and Team Rachio for working on this. :+1:

FYI, I think I got the updates as both of my flow meters were disconnected.

I tried pulling the batteries. That didn’t work.
I tried re-pairing. That didn’t work.
I removed and restored power to my Rachio controller. That DID work.

Controller version: iro3-firmware-hi-5-632
Both flow meters are version: flow-ata-combined-53

I would appreciate it if someone can confirm that I have the updated firmware.

Just noticed that my controller and flow meter are the same versions as yours (632 and 53). I’m now seeing “No response” from HomeKit on the controller and the flow meter’s status is “Disconnected”. Haven’t had a chance yet to cycle power or otherwise troubleshoot. Will in the next day or two and report back.

@franz What will be the new WFM firmware version, and what is changed on those devices? Mine have been saying version 53 for a long time.

Your irrigation controller should be at iro3-firmware-hk-5-632, the WFM firmware will not change.


@franz I’ll be cycling power on my controller this afternoon to see if I can get HomeKit to reconnect. Shall I do likewise on my flow meter (by pulling batteries I presume) or is that unnecessary? Screenshots of current state shown below.

I would cycle the batteries. That is the most effective way to get the WFM to reconnect.


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And I would cycle the controller as, for me, cycling the batteries did not work.

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@jkline Quick note to let those following this thread know that Thurs afternoon (11/12) I cycled power on my Rachio 3 16-zone controller and both the controller and WFM are no longer disconnected from HomeKit. First screenshot below shows the yellow Home app icon, which no longer has a superimposed red “17” badge (meaning 17 updates available I presume). Next screenshot shows the flow meter connected with an excellent signal and firmware version flow-ota-combined-53. Third screenshot shows the controller connected with updated firmware version iro-3-firmware-hk-5-632. Note that I did not pull/replace the WFM batteries, but will be replacing them soon as they are probably getting low. Thanks Team Rachio for the work on this and to the users here in the forum for your advice. :+1: