Dry spot and adjusting moisture level

Set to flex daily. I noticed a dry spot in a section and i want it to run the next cycle. When i go to moisture level on that section it says its at 26% and it wont run till 2 days from now. If i hit adjust and tell it empty it then goes back to the graph and shows its now FULL and pushes the watering out further. Help

See if it runs tonight. I thought I saw a same issue 2 weekends ago. Since you see similar behavior I think it is worth looking into.

The zone should run.

But now the dry spot…is ther a rock under there? Maybe your efficiency is set too high or maybe you have a stuck head?

I have had heads go bad were they stick in position for a few minutes before finishing their sweep. Have you looked for that yet?

Also, make sure you are not looking at tomorrow’s prediction. I confuse my self with that sometimes.

It is fixed heads. The efficiency and those settings im still learning. Just got my rachio 2 a couple weeks ago. This section has fixed heads and all are working. This section us hard to please. Its next to the house on the north side and it gets too wet but 8 ft from that is a white vinyl fence that gets hot from the sun reflection.

I hit empty on today shouldn’t it fo to 0%?

Can you click on More Detail and post that data? It’s really hard to diagnose anything from just looking at the graph.

It’s simulating watering today since you are empty. The schedule will run tomorrow since the zone is empty.


So if i click empty it will run tomorrow then. Even though when i go out ro thw main page it still says will water a day beyond tomorrow?


Ok, Last Night I adjusted the root depth and it changed the schedule on the main page and it said it would water tomorrow. (This morning) So how come when I tell the moisture level it is “empty” it doesn’t change the schedule on the main page?

It is not computed realtime, it’s computed 1 time a day currently