Weather Reporting Incorrectly

According to CWOP, my selected weather station observed 0.12 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. The web app shows in the moisture graph there was 0.37 in today. This is throwing everything way off in my moisture levels and my grass is starting to die. I have flex daily selected with all the advanced settings correct as far as I know. Does anyone know what may be going on here? It hasn’t rained much since the system last ran a week ago. I would have figured it would have ran again since then. I am so confused with the flex scheduling. I am tempted to just run two times a week on a fixed schedule.

@bill24mcc I would recommend choosing a different weather station or if you can post the URL where you are seeing the CWOP reporting less precipitation (along with a screenshot of the moisture graph reporting inflated precipitation) I will reach out to our weather provider and have them research the data discrepancy.


It was correct for yesterday today when I viewed the moisture info. I found the linked info and realized that must have been my concern. Thank you for your prompt response.

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