Downloading Usage History

It would be helpful to have the usage history data uploadable for all zones in one place in the Rachio app, so all zones could be viewed together. Currently, you can only see the data on the app zone-by-zone. To have all the usage data in one place, I created my own Excel spreadsheet by copying data from each zone separately, and then pasting it on to my spreadsheet…a real pain. To update, I need to go back into each zone, upload it, and then copy and paste the new data…a bigger pain.

My spreadsheet shows in the top row the zone numbers, a description of zones locations, and a summary of the watering schedule for each zone (e.g. “Fixed” or “Flex”). The far left column shows the day of the week and the date. The actual data cells show the run times in hours (e.g. “0.5”).

I emailed my spreadsheet to a Rachio technical support person, but for some reason could not copy and paste a screenshot here.


Hey @RSprigg! Thank you so much for the feedback and suggestion. Edward just sent me your conversation so I’ll be logging that for our team to look into :slight_smile:

Buried in another thread, but I’ve requested the same thing.

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