Don't Kill the Rachio Web App

Agree. Please keep working on the web app, improve it.

I agree, I can’t imagine trying to coordinate multiple controllers on a tiny screen. Nor do I expect that any software solution to actually linking multiple controllers could be effectively implemented on just a phone.

It appears they just replaced it with a disaster of a new version. TERRIBLE.

I don’t see anything new or ground breaking in the web app… Was there an update?

I have no way of knowing except that both the phone app and the desktop app are uniquely screwed up showing a different UI and behaviors, as noted.

I don’t see anyone else having the issue. I just updated the app on my iPhone 12 pro. Looks the same and works the same. Checked web app on an old Win7 PC, a Win11, and MacOS laptop and all looked the same and worked the same.

Possibly something is corrupted or broken on your controller. Had any power surges lately?

I’d call support and see what they say.

Hi @RickyO! I have sent you a DM to try and help with your app issues.

I agree keep the web app.

How did you send it?

Dane said he sent you a DM. Click your avatar (or initial) in the upper right of this page and click the envelope.

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Here is another vote to keep the web app.

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Agree here - keep the web app! Nothing beats a large, high quality monitor. Except for rare “on the fly” changes, who wants to squint at a small phone screen when you don’t have to? Not me.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that the current web app is sluggish and poorly responsive to update, perhap[s because Rachio doesn’t care about it. I have complained multiple times about this but never got a satisfactory reply.