Do you need wifi in house for your Rachio to work?

I just purchased a home with a Racio irritation system. When the previous owner disconnected the wifi my phone app stopped working. I do not currently have wifi at the house, and the system stopped working. Do you have to have wifi for the system to work ?

thanks in advance


Below are a couple of articles that may be of help. Which model of Rachio do you have?,point%20it%20will%20go%20offline.

Please tell me that was a typo :slight_smile:

If this is a short term situation e.g. the cable guy is coming next week, you could use a temporary mobile hotspot to set up a fixed schedule that assures you of adequate watering.

For longer term (you’re house poor and won’t have home broadband for a while), perhaps you could ask a neighbor (if signal strength is adequate) to let you use theirs for just this application; bandwidth usage is negligible.

If this is really long term (you don’t want Wi-Fi in the house because the kids abuse it) I believe you can enable Wi-Fi, set Rachio up, then configure the router to stop broadcasting the SSID. Rachio will remain connected and the kids won’t know it’s there.

@NickReininger - Rachio does have a fail save mode that will water every three days after it has lost internet access for a while using the flex schedules. Any fixed schedules should continue to operate as designed. What type of schedules are being run? With no internet/WiFi there won’t be any notices sent from the Rachio when it is actually running.

What generation of Rachio hardware is in the house? Gen 2 and Gen 3 can run individual zones from the front panel.