Is wifi required?


Is wifi required for rachio to work? We have a new house and irrigation guys are setting up but we don’t have internet connection yet, does it work without wifi connection?



Yes, WiFi is required for the device to work. Please let us know if you have any other questions.




You might be able to use a mobile hotspot as a temporary fix until your house is completed??? I’m sure it’s not recommended, but may beat buying a controller during construction, then turning around and buying another (Rachio) controller.


can i use my phone hot spot to set it up? and then go to the site 2 times a day so the system connect to my phone hot spot and start watering? or can i manually trigger the sprinklers to go off? i can do it when i am close to the system we live 5 minutes away from new house, so i do not mind gong there and connect the system to my hot spot and trigger the sprinklers to water the hydro seed?


yeh that would be ideal if i have a hot spot :slight_smile:


You can set it up initially with a phone and hotspot, although not ideal.

If you setup watering times they will run without WiFi since they are sent to the Iro. Depending on how long this lasts, might be worth it to buy a cheap digital timer and swap out when WiFi is available :wink: