Display watering time on zone page

I found the irrigation->zones page is very informative. It shows last run date, next run date.

It would be nice if it shows the watering time of next run. Like:
Next run: 7/06 40min
In this way, I can monitor most things using this page. If I messed some settings accidentally, I will be alerted if I see 2min or 2 hours.


I like this idea. I would also add the runtime for the last run. This additional display, as @Gardencat mentioned, will mean I can do a great deal of verification and monitoring from the Zone page and reduce a lot of poking about in other screens.

PS: And please make this display available in both the App and Web interfaces as I use both extensively. Thanks!


me too :grinning:

Not sure if you’re aware, but Rachio has announced they will no longer be developing the web app. This could be a restructuring where the developers will now solely be focusing on making the mobile apps better.

Where did you read this announcement?

If you search the forum with the quote referenced in the first posting of the web app thread, it was mentioned in the dynamic crop thread.

Yes, that is the comment that I read back in May that caused me to start this current thread. I didn’t read it as an official announcement as much as a matter of internal policy. It worried me that they would eventually announce that the web app was no longer being supported, as the first step in that process is usually to stop adding new functionality.

The point of this thread was to point out the “general trend” inside Rachio to users and get their feedback, in full view of Rachio personnel, My hope with this thread was (and is) that Rachio would take notice and realize that many of their loyal users make heavy use of the web app. Based on replies here, it seems that MOST users make use of their desktops to configure their controllers.

In fact, based on feedback here, much from professionals with multiple controllers in the field, most would prefer FULL functionality on the desktop web app, and basic functionality on the mobile app if they had to choose between which device gets the full functionality. Most users do their heavy work on their desktop with easier interface and larger screens, and make use of the mobile app for quick updates, zone testing, etc. So basically, most users prefer that Rachio do the opposite of their “general trend” and give the web app at least the same and if not more functionality than the mobile app.

I have not heard from @drew_thayer or anyone else at Rachio since this thread was started. Would be nice to hear their thoughts, give user feedback here…

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