Disabling constant blue led light

Hello all, I just set up my controller 3 and it’s really great and easy to use.
Just a quick question and if you can turn off the blue LED when it’s not in standby mode?



I don’t believe that it can be disabled by software at the moment. There are some threads with some workarounds, like tape and some 3D printed covers.


Oh ok thanks, was just thinking of saving some energy :slight_smile:
I understand it shows the working condition but it’s quite a large LED


Congrats on your getting new controller installed !

Thanks ! I love tech and am a gadget freak and this is really nice

Same here. It’s a really great product, and can you keep you busy tinkering at the beginning. Set up ‘fixed’ schedules for now, then pick one and start to dig into the details on Flex Daily. There’s a fair amount to digest, but I found it a fun learning process, and in the end I ended up saving a ton of money with optimized irrigation. One of the best parts is that I don’t have to muck with the controller as temps change from 120F in the summer to frost warnings in the winter. It just figures it out. Again, you have to take some time tinkering to get there but this community is awesome for that. You’ll get a ton of help if you want it.

These are my personal recommendations, but there are a lot of other great resources to get started on in this community, and in the Rachio support articles.


In case you haven’t seen it, this post by @laura.bauman is a great way to get oriented.


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Great thanks again and will report back with any issues or questions :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope the weather works well in my area and it won’t water within a day of it raining


The world of the blue LED. The brightest LED at night and the hardest on your eyes in the dark. And the fact that more and more devices are defaulting to that my rooms hardly need a night light at all. I think every manufacturer should add the options to dim or turn of the status lights. I have taken to putting gaffers tape over them. It’s good for covering and leaves little residue.

My home office has so many blue lights you could look in the window and see everything clear as day.

THe best color choice for a dark environment is red. Best on your eyes.

I am fortunate I have an accessible space where I have run all my cables and placed landscape lighting controls and other things. I was able to mount it in there with no problems.

But I love the product. I have been using EX Flora for years with my indigo home automation set up. But recently I have blown a unit. In decided I wanted an independent system that I could still connect with but am not dependent on that connection. Rachio makes an amazing product. I was set up in 15 minutes and the level of feature details I have access to was a surprise. This is really the future come to life. This is what a smart home is about.


Problem with red is, it usually means “bad” or stop to a huge swath of cultures. Or “awesome” as is the case with a cool red car like mine :-p Everyone would be wondering what is wrong with their Rachio Iro Gen 3 at any rate. Gaffers tape is great stuff.


I guess we need these colors to determine the state of these high end tech gadgets, how subtle they can be is the question :slight_smile:

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Totally get that. I just laugh at the proliferation of blue LED. It pierces the night.