Welcome to the Rachio Community! (you're going to love it here)

Welcome to the Rachio Community! Here’s what you need to know:

Introduce yourself! Our community is full of friendly and familiar faces who are happy to make virtual friends and help you out with whatever you need.

Get Familiar With Discourse - Discourse is the provider of this forum! It can be a little confusing at first but this blog post should help show you around!

Navigation - We have over 4,700 threads in this community, so it’s likely someone has had a similar issue. Head back to the homepage and search through our categories. They’re organized similar to how the app is organized. Can’t find an answer? See Below :point_down:

Ask Questions - Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but help us help you! Include pictures of wiring, screenshots of settings, network information, controller generation, phone brand, etc. Whatever information you think relates to your issue, attach it. The more the merrier!

Rachio Power Users - If you see a blue badge with a gnome next to a profile photo, those are our Rachio Power Users. They know a ton and our team has given them the community’s highest honor. Rachio HQ trusts them to answer 98% of your questions. If they don’t know how to help, they know who to ask. Rachio Secret: We chose the Gnome for the Rachio Power User badge since Gnorm the Gnome is the Robin to Rachio’s Batman.

Rachio Squad - Our team is here to help. Rachio HQ squad is active on the community. If you see the Rachio logo next to a profile photo, that person works for Rachio HQ. We’re here to help with everything from tech troubleshooting, to getting you in touch with support, to swapping irrigation puns and GIFs.

Play Nice - We’re all here because we love irrigation, conserving water, and saving money. Be polite, be kind, and if you have suggestions for someone, keep it constructive. Let’s all have a good time and learn something new!

Here are a few more resources for you while you’re here:
Contact Rachio
The Rachio Community Team
Community Guidelines
Terms of Service
Rachio Help Desk


Let’s see some badges!


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