Didn't skip after a day with 3" of rain

I live in Orange County where we had 3" of rain on Dec 6. This morning Rachio started watering for 110 plus minutes… any idea why?

My schedule does not have a Saturation Skip option, only Wind and Freeze
I have it set to Weather Intelligence Plus (aggregation data)
Using Flex data schedule

@BrianD I had the team review the data and our weather provider is not returning precipitation for 12/06, even though there was over 2 inches of precip reviewing PWS around there. I’ve opened a support ticket with our weather provider to get more information. Looks like you chose a PWS which should be more hyper accurate.

Thanks for reporting this, Ill forward additional information as we receive from our weather provider.


@BrianD Good news, that was in fact a defect with our weather providers software to be fixed today. Thanks again for reporting this issue!


Our API was able to confirm the issue you were experiencing. In researching, they found an issue with the ingestion of the data, making some entries to not be available to the API.
The team has corrected the core issue and is currently reimporting the precipitation data to ensure data integrity and that it is fully accessible via the API. It may take up to a couple more hours to fully reimport the precipitation summary data over the last few days.

I will provide another update once I have confirmed the data has been fully imported.

Additionally, the team is continuing to investigate the core cause and reviewing the potential addition of new automated QA checks and alerting, to prevent this type of issue with the precipitation/summary endpoint in the future.

Again, I will continue to provide updates as this issue is fully resolved.


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I had a similar problem when I used the aggregate weather data . I read in the forum it works in some places and in others it didn’t, I was told to use one of the PSW’s near me and I haven’t had a problem since. I also read that giving your controller a little time to communicate with the PWS (up to 2 hours) if one doesn’t work pick another nearest you or maybe you can try using aggregate weather data.