Schedule not skipping due to rain

I am having the same issue but only with my 3, 8 station controllers, my 16 stations is skipping fine. They were all initially pointing to the default NWS and yesterday I pointed them to a PWS, however same result. I had to manually skip the 8 station controllers while the 16 skipped due to ground saturation.

@Traveler1 Can you PM me the email address you use for your account? Thanks.


Can you tell me the controller name and schedule name? Since each schedule is different we need additional information to do a comparison. Thanks!


So I have 4 controllers, 3 (One 16 stations, two 8 stations) in my house and 1 in my Dad’s house.

16 Stations - 2D581A controller is skipping fine (hasn’t watered in December due to rain or ground saturation

  • Schedule: Fall
    Avocade Tree - 91D086 (8 stations) is not skipping
    – Schedule: Fall
    Bird Bath - 91D678 (8 stations) is not skipping
    – Schedule: Fall
    Dad - 91CBFA (8 stations) is not skipping
    – Schedule: Fall - Fixed

All four are using fixed schedules, just vary by what time they are watering.

@Traveler1 Schedules and zones look good on your end. Did notice that all your controllers are now on the same PWS (not WI Plus anymore). I know that last week our weather service provider was having issues with the service that we retrieve our interpolated precipitation data (WI Plus). This issue was corrected sometime on Monday. I believe the lack of precipitation affected your controllers and our skip logic.

If you experience this issue again let us know and I’ll have the team do a deep dive to see if there are any issues with our scheduling skip logic.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



It happened as late as yesterday which is why I posted my message and why for just the 8 station controllers. Do you recommend I keep the local PWS or go back to the default NWS?

Your schedules are M/W/F and it looks like a manual skip was performed today (Wednesday) before we were able to process our skip logic on the schedules that you manually skipped, so makes it difficult to determine what would have happened. IMHO I like PWS stations if they are reliable. The data is more timely (we ingest it a few hours before interpolated data) and if the station is close enough hyper-local. If you don’t know the reliability of a station might be worth it to go back to WI Plus.


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