Did any one receive pre-order shipping of Rachio 3?

Last week support said they may start shipping from this 30th onwards. Waiting for this shipping for a long time with frequently changed shipping dates, really frustrating and keep on postponing my sprinkler installation project to complete. If any one received shipping information this week, please respond.


I know you are looking for information from those who have received shipping information – I am not one of those people, so sorry for my post. However, I wanted to echo your frustration.

My new grass was installed last Sat. and I was fully expecting to have the Rachio3 in my possession by then. I placed my order April 8th.

Due to needing a timer I purchased the Orbit B-hyve 12-Zone from Home Depot for just over $100… It’s been doing just what I needed and working great. I don’t want to be too negative – as a software engineer I understand deadlines can not be met due to conditions that are beyond ones control, but unless the Rachio3 is delivered here soon and blows my mind with features I’ll just be returning it.


I ordered mine on the 13th and still haven’t received any kind of shipping information. I had to buy a cheap $30 orbit controller for the time being, which I will surely be returning to Home Depot whenever my new Rachio comes in…

I ordered mine on March 25th. Will keep y’all updated when/if I get shipping confirmation. 16 zone combo btw

Thank you for your response. I ordered mine on March 30th :slight_smile: .

There were a few pre orders received last week and more are supposed to ship this week. The flow meter orders aren’t shipping out until later. I too am waiting for mine and so is my newly laid sod LOL!

I ordered an 8 zone on April 3rd and have not yet received a shipping notice.

Preordered 4/10 and still haven’t received a shipping notice. Got a canned response from support saying they’re are “shipping out units en masse this week”.

@mckynzee I think some transparency and better communication would go a long way to those who’ve preordered. Even better, a tracking number. :wink:

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RainMachine is overnighting and has the iPad app we have been asking for!

I ordered a Rachio 3, 8 zone with flow meter on March 20th, the first day of availability. The Rachio 3 shipped April 23 and arrived April 25. I am still waiting (as expected) for the late May, early June availability of the flow meter.

Got an email from support about priority shipping but still no shipment, Hunter is looking pretty good right now.They carged my credit card March 27th, USSA does not allow charging there card before shipping. It is just sad that Rachio is this screwed up about when units will ship.

I ordered mine 4/2 and I still haven’t gotten any sort of ship date or confirmation. I did get an email asking me if I wanted my order expedited on 4/26 and to provide a reason why I wanted it expedited. What kind of question is that?! Why do they think they need to ask that question. They charged my card when I placed the order a month ago and they are asking me if I want the product. This has been terrible customer service and planning!!


Still waiting on mine even though I paid for the Priority shipping to begin with. If I had known it was going to take this long I wouldn’t have wasted the extra $15. An my question is now if they are offering the option for priority for everyone without an extra cost what did I spend $15 on.

@Murali – correct, support sent an update that orders will start shipping the week of 4/30. ~500 controllers are expected to ship tomorrow and continue daily until all orders are delivered. Support will be sending you a shipping update with your estimated delivery window by the end of the week.

@chaderick9, we appreciate the positive vibes :slight_smile: Hardware is hard. The Rachio 3 will exceed your expectations! Especially once you connect it to a Wireless Flow Meter!

@jwmote – I’ve asked the finance team to review this charge.

If you’d like your order expedited, please fill out this form.

Thank you for your support and patience.


I already filled out the form to expedite the shipping but by the looks of it since everyone can request that now it doesn’t really do a lot of good. Not to mention that people had to actually pay for it if they wanted it initially.


EDIT: I did see the $15 refunded. (thanks for that) Do I need to request the priority shipping again with the link or did it just refund the charge? Want to make sure I don’t end up getting it later.

@emil I have to say, one thing about rachio that has impressed me is your support responses. They are fast and always positive. I appreciate your response, although, I didn’t purchase a Flow Meter as my main line and backflow are underground. I was considering putting in an additional valve box keeping everything from being put under dirt, but regardless – no Flow Meter for me as of now :frowning:

Also, as you pointed out the expedited form, I filled that out the minute the email was dropped in my inbox. I even selected the radio button highlighting the fact that I had new grass put in… As highlighted in my earlier post…

So my grass is currently getting water, but even still, expedited shipping would help my final decision lean in favor of keeping the rachio unit.

Hope someone really receives shipping information today as Rachio shipping 500+ units today.

Ordered 16zone+Flow meter+ enclosure combo on April 1st, payment method charged on the same day, till now did not receive any shipping info specific to my order. Entered a support request on Apr 25th got a generic response that would be shipped in 2 waves Apr 30th or May 7 week. Dont understand why it would be difficult to predict shipping schedule by order date one/two week before the actual shipping.

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Ordered 3/24 the gen 3 16-zone and not a peep other than asking to prioritize shipping a week or so ago. Like others, already charged for full amount. Will update if anything changes.

It looks like another shipping date has come and gone. I feel like the donkey with the carrot, and I for one do not like being made a fool of.

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