Days NOT to water

I have a large yard, travel frequently and use a service to mow - they come every Thursday AM. It would be great to tell the system that it can’t water on Thursdays (for example). This would apply to many other instances other than a lawn service I’m sure. Any thoughts on allowing this type of automatic override in a future build?

The only option I have now is to set a 24 hour rain delay on Wednesday night, which could delay a watering by a full six days if my schedule was set to run on Thursday.

you can do that now with smart cycles.

Understood I can choose my days to water manually, but I was hoping to use interval watering (every 3 days - which is what the system wants to do) but have the system adjust interval watering around my ‘do not water’ day(s) algorithmically so I’m still getting the water I need.

That is, unless I’m missing something in Smart Cycles - which is entirely possible.

smart cycle splits up a zone’s runtime to allow the water to soak in, for days to water, the desired behavior is on a standard schedule.

there is a repeat section in the schedule…you can select days to water on (dont select thursday), an interval of 1-29 days. also be sure to enable “watering restriction”.

Unfortunately you can not currently use an interval (water every N days) as well telling the system when not to water.

You could build an IFTTT recipe which might be overkill.


This is a function I need. Please add this.

I agree, this is a frequent issue, especially with lawn service.

I agree with danmats!

I would like to skip watering day every Monday (mowing service day) automatically. Currently, I have to remember every other Sunday night to reprogram automatic watering schedule. The current recommended watering schedule for my lawn is every other day, hence every other week Monday falls in my automatic schedule.

Simply initiating a rain delay every Sunday night for Monday watering day wouldn’t work for me because my lawn would go without watering Sunday, Monday, Tuesday when Rachio algorithm recommends that it should be watered every other day.

I tried IFTTT, and could not figure an easy way to accommodate every Monday lawn day. I’m not very computer literate. If anyone else knows how to do this, please advise.

With Flexible schedule you can pick the days you can water and set Monday as a skip day

I see now with version 2 that I can do this but if they enforce water restrictions in my area I need to set the clock for even or odd days. Than I am back to needing to be able to shut off days with intervals.

the flex schedule allows interval of odd/even days, i still think that will do what you need. this is also available in fixed schedules

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Thanks a lot! Works great for me. Appreciate your help. Love my rachio so far!

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its a jam up product foe-show!

With the flex schedule and fixed schedules it’s either interval or selected days not both. I am unable to select even days with Fridays off.

you could use an ifttt recipe to set a 24 hour rain delay on fridays

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Thank you plainsane for the help. I just set it up the ifttt recipe and I will find out on the 24th if I did it correctly. Does anybody know if I set a rain delay will the rachio assume my lawn was watered and adjust the flex schedules or does it just skip that day and think it’s dry?

Any rain delay will just disallow flex from running, so if it was supposed to run on that day, and rain delay was set, it will run the next day, assuming there were no precipitation events.


and assuming it does not violate the days allow or interval specification…

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Will this be a feature implemented in Rachio 2.0? I would love to be able to say “Odd days (current restriction in my neighborhood), but not on Mondays (lawn service)”. Seems like its almost doable in the interface, since I can set odd days and de-select Monday, but when I go back to the schedule, it only picks one side of the selection (odd, or no mondays).

I hope it is implemented soon but if not you can set up an ifttt that states: if its a day of the week (Monday) than rain delay 1 day.