Controller 2 Goes Offline Almost Daily

Recently installed Controller 2 and cannot keep it connected to my WIFI. After reset, goes offline almost every day. My firmware reads iro2-firmware-5-119. Should I have iro2-firmware-5-115?

Does your router have latest firmware updates?

If you run this I can have the engineering team review any anomalies in your network.


The App needs a 4-character code. What would that be?

RouteThis reports the following key: BUG8UW8J

Hope this helps!


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Found the key… App completed its troubleshooting process… key is as below.

It could be due to the range extenders. Is there any way to create a guest network (bypassing the range extenders) for the controller and test out if that fixes the issue?


I was unsuccessful in establishing a “guest” network on my router. I don’t think this router allows it.

I will disable the range extenders for a couple of days to evaluate the benefit of doing that. The controller is still online at the moment.

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In my iphone settings I can define an exclusion for the Network name that is in fact the range extender for the router. I made that change to my iphone. That means my iphone will no longer skip to the range extender. As far as my iphone is concerned there are now only two network names (WesternDigital-16 and Western-Digital-16_5G) that are available for it’s connection. Since you suspect that the range extender is causing my daily disconnection, is it possible to ask the Rachio controller to also exclude the range extender from its selection process? The name to be excluded is WesternDigital-16_Ext.

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I’m having the same problem with a newly installed Rachio 2. I have a mesh network with Comcast Xfinity xFi gateway and pods. Have to use 1 SSID for the mesh network. Connects fine at first but then loses connection pretty much daily. Has the Rachio 2 been tested with Xfinity xFi with pods? Thx!