Connection issues with Gen 3

My rachio 3 will not connect to wifi even though i have full bars of connection from my phone at the unit

What is the error?

If you run this and provide the code I can have engineering take a look.

Latest firmware on the router?

Are you using iOS or Android?


My rachio was showing as connected while i was in bed last night but i did not get up to go check it. Now it i back offline again this morning when i was going to try to finish the setup. I need to get this working before my grass dies. Any help will be appreciated.

Can you please answer the questions above and use the RouteThis app and provide the generated code so I can have the engineering team review.


I ran the app and the code it gave me is 54Z97M7D. The rachio did show up on the app late last night as online somehow, but i did not get out of bed to go look at it. When i woke this morning it was offline again. I use an android normally but i have an iphone for a work phone as well

I had the team review and it looks like their is a merged network. If there is anyway to have a dedicated band network with a different name that might help the controller (guest network). Worth a try if you have that capability.


So i turned on my guest network and it has poor signal in my garage where the rachio is. Unsure why since i have full bars from the same router on my other networks. Would you say it is time for me to go get a refund and put a normal sprinkler timer on again?

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I did try the setup and my guest network keeps dropping signal

It did go online again for a minute and i got as far as to try to run station 1 and it went offline again before it could start running

Had the engineering team review and it does look like the bands are going back and forth. Also noticed a range extender which can be troublesome. Also noticed guest network is 5G. i guess the options are:

  • Make sure have latest router firmware.
  • Try using a 2.4g guest network. 2.4g is much better for distance.
  • Contact our CS team which can help troubleshoot further. They have better networking skills than our engineering team.
  • Return the unit if you feel have spent too much time already.

Thanks for your patience and have a great week.


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Once connected does my phone have to be connected to the same network as the rachio in order to control the unit? I cannot remove the range extender since my home security system is connected to it. I will try the 2.4ghz guest network

Your phone can be connected to any WiFi/cellular network to issue commands to the controller once connected to the internet.


Well, it seems to have like the 2.4ghz guest network. Im now up and running. Thank you very much for all of your help. Now lets see how all the intelligence works with our Colorado weather.

Thank you again !!


OK great to hear. We are based in Colorado so let us know if you have any questions regarding scheduling or the controller. Have a great week.


I have been having off and on connectivity issues with my rachio 3 and google wifi. It connects to my 2.4 band but will only stay connected for about 2/3 weeks before falling off line. Google wifi does not give a way to seperate the 4.8 and 2.4 bands. Can you help at all Franz? Previously created a ticket and ran the support app. code was 7QFE94GA.

I am a huge rachio fan and was excited to get going with you all. This has been a pain in my side and I am more likely to rip and replace rachio then my wifi network.

Nothing out of the ordinary other than the merged network. I’ll check with the success team and see if they have any Google Hub tips and tricks.


These are some tips forwarded from our customer success team.

This is what we have documented, doesn’t matter if it’s a Gen 2 or R3 (R3s shouldn’t technically have this issue according to the last discussion that I had with Devin), but it seems to work:

Distance - If the hardware does not support splitting the bands apart, the best solution here is to place the nearest mesh node far enough away from the Rachio so that the 5 GHz connection is too far away to be sustainable. Therefore the node will connect the Rachio to the 2.4 GHz network.
Wi-Fi dampening material - (Yes, I’m serious!) If the Rachio is too close to the router and the user cannot split the bands move either the Rachio or satellite, Wi-Fi dampening material can provide a solution. Using such material as aluminum foil (or other aesthetically pleasing materials) between the Rachio and the nearest satellite can dampen the Wi-Fi signal between the Router and the Rachio thus forcing router to utilize the 2.4GHz connection.


I’m having the same problem with a Gen 3. Initial install worked well and I mapped the zones. I had to power it off to adjust the outlet and it’s been offline now for several hours. I can’t seem to reconnect it to new wifi network or any other option.

It’s an orbing router set up. And the route this code is DNUSYWUK

Might mean a range extender or something else. I’d recommended trying a dedicated guest network (not using a range extender) if possible.


I tried a guest network. It won’t connect to that either. It makes no sense. It was all set up and connected and working until the power was removed for about a minute and now it won’t connect no matter what I do. Reset the router, reset Wi-Fi, hard reset the Rachio. Nothing works. Never has this issue with gen 2. If the gen 3 can’t work easily with an Orbi network it’s got serious flaws.