Connection issues with Gen 3

What light does it get to? Might be an RMA that the support team can quickly handle.

Thanks for your patience.


The first long white light just blinks. The app scans the bar code. I go to add it to the Wi-Fi network and it spins for a while before saying ithe app can’t find it.

It’s just a solid white light now

And now I’m just getting the first light with 4 white blinks and a red blink

I would reach out to our support team ( and they should be able to troubleshoot and determine if the unit needs an RMA.


What is an RMA?

Sorry, a return merchandise authorization. If the unit is defective they will send a new one out asap.


I am also unable to connect my Rachio 3 to my Wi-Fi, even after taking all the steps in troubleshooting I could find on the forum. My RouteThis code is: RRFASTCN
There is nothing fancy or complicated about my Wi-Fi setup. A single router/modem and a single 2.4 Ghz network.