Connecting Hydro-Rain HRC-100 Wireless Rain Sensor to Gen3


@emil Any thoughts about wiring the Hydro Rain HRC-100 for the Gen 3? Mine’s throwing rain alerts every few seconds…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Connecting Hydro-Rain HRC-100 Wireless Rain Sensor to Gen2


I had a similar issue with my wired sensor. I didn’t notice the 24 VAC + and - terminals that are now used in place of the common for sensors.

Can you post some wiring photos? Thanks.



Hi @franz! Here it is. Don’t laugh, I’m not an electrician… :rofl:


Looks like you just need to move the thin white cable connected to the ‘C’ terminal next to zone 8 to the 24 - terminal next to S2.

While making adjustments, I would also move the second common thick white wire from the leftmost C terminal to newly available C terminal next to zone 8. This way you have less chance of connector fatigue in a long term. Idea is to have just one thick white cable connected to each individual C terminal.



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Wow! Worked like a charm!!! Thanks @Gene, @franz. Appreciate the help :-):heart_eyes:


@Gene and his wiring skills.


@franz is still the master of a unique answer :+1: