Connecting Hydro-Rain HRC-100 Wireless Rain Sensor to Gen3


@DLane, @Gene - thank you, seems to work beautifully!

Here is a picture of the final, working setup for Gen 3 and HRC-100

PS @franz, @laura.bauman - just a heads-up, I was given incorrect information by your support team when I called in about this a few days ago. The very professional and friendly gentleman advised me that this particular sensor was not compatible due to power supply differences. Not a complaint, just an opportunity to update the KB for future callers :slight_smile: :cheers:

Thank you all, you’re awesome.


Hey @ProjektR! Thank you so much for the heads up - is the email in your community account the same one used in the support ticket? Want to look into it to make sure it doesn’t happen again :slight_smile:

-Lo :rachio:


Thanks @laura.bauman I’ll PM you.