Confused with Moisture Levels Graph Data

I’m not exactly sure what’s happening here… Pls have a look at the Moisture Levels Graph data. The first image shows that Flex runs had no effect on moisture levels, remained @ 0% so it watered everyday. Same thing happened on both Gen2 and Gen1 units on my account. Allowed depletion is set to 50% on ALL of zones.

Today, I decided to adjust the Moisture Levels by using the Empty button so that it would water tomorrow, however, the Empty was recorded on yesterday’s date… Is this correct? It did not water yesterday or today.

Today, I manually ran 1 zone on each of my Iro units cause the grass was brown in those areas due to sprinkler heads needing replacement.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

After refreshing the same zone now shows that the zone Ran Flex today… However, no schedule ran today:

What’s going on???

Are you in standby mode?

And yes, empty gets recorded on the previous day. Today is actually still a forecast.

Not in standby. Glad to know that Empty gets recorded on the previous day. Any idea why the graph shows no accumulation during last week’s Flex run every day of the week?

Sorry, my mistake. I misunderstood and thought you had said it wasn’t watering at all. Can you post the details and not just the graph? Also your settings for that zone.

See [Display Bug] (Display Bug) for why it looks like it watered today but it didn’t.

Posting the moisture details would be helpful. Do you see the daily watering events in your event log? If so, please post your zone configured, please include their advanced settings.

Hoping I can get some more understanding of what’s going on… especially last week’s Flex schedule didn’t seem to raise the moisture balance…

well something does seem a little off here, flex should be applying .72 inches per run but the graph doesn’t show that. @franz?

I assume you have not altered you zone settings?

Something just doesn’t seem to be working properly with the moisture level graphs…
@franz Can you provide some insight as to what’s going on here:
This screenshot shows the effect of using Moisture Level Empty Button, the 1st 3 zones changed from July 2nd to the 3rd:

Before using the Empty button:

After using the Empty Button: (next zone also changed to July 3rd)

Showing Ran Flex, and User Empty: Flex wasn’t scheduled and DID NOT run on the 30th, and User Empty raised Moisture Balance to 100%???:

Can you please explain how you determine how much your system should apply to a zone per run? I have set all my advanced settings using custom nozzles and the math to get the exact PR. I am new to all of this. Any tips would be great.

Well if your root depth is 6 inches and your awc is .2 the you want to fill your soil column with 1.2 inches of water. With a mad of 50% the schedule should be putting down .6 inches of water.

Make sure your awc is correct. There is a database in the support documents to help you determine awc. Else you can pm your street address and I’ll look it up for you.

Also, if you are just curious on how the math is done to determine how much water to put down, it is AWCRoot DepthMAD=inches to water

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From another thread, identical question to yours -


Thank you for the information. So if my AW is .07 and my root depth is at the default 9 in and allowed depletion is at the default 50% would the water being put down be .315 in? If that is correct, that doesn’t seem like very much water.

That’s correct. Your AWC number of 0.07 odd on the low side. How did you get to that value ?

That’s the default. Since .315 in is correct, what is the time period of that amount of water? Is it the duration of the zone, per head in the zone or what. I hope I’m not asking dumb questions, I’m new to all of this.

They aren’t dumb questions. Your nozzle for the zone determined the run time.

Run time = (precipitation rate * inches water)/efficiency

The precipitation rate is defined by the nozzle you selected for that zone. You’ll want to look up your soil type AND the associated AWC number from the Web Soil Survey site. It has a significant impact on the system operation. Search “Web Soil Survey” on this forum and you’ll find the link and some examples.

Here’s the link for anyone that needs it: