Concurrent schedules

Concurrent schedules? How do I run a daily flex schedule for my yard (9 zones) in the early morning (before sunrise) and at the same time, have a fixed schedule for one zone during the day to keep a small section of new grass seed moist (like 5-10 min every two hours)??

It does not allow it. One probably could add some electronics to do something similar. When I reseeded part of the lawn last year, I was not so concerned about before sunrise as the evaporation is so low.

You can set up multiple schedules, but they can’t run at the same time. If you set up a flex daily schedule to end before sunrise, then just create multiple fixed schedules for each run time you want throughout the day for the new seed. If that zone is also in the Flex Daily, it just won’t water since it sees the zone as oversaturated from the fixed schedules watering.

Thomas Lerman,

Yes, I agree. I only have about a 20x20 sq ft area I’m trying to reseed in my back yard as a test case, as my rear lawn has uneven grass growing and some bare spots. I aerated and reseeded the rear last year, and soil tests show the proper ph and sufficient lime.

In my front yard, I have 4 or 5 patches of grass about 10’x10’ that are drying out / getting brown -due to warm weather and sun. This is irrespective of keeping my Rachio on an automatic daily flex schedule that starts about 3 am and ends before sunrise!

So, I’m trying to get more water to the dry spots in front, and trying to keep the 20x20 foot patch of newly seeded soil moist (trying to set the one rear zone to water about 5 minutes every 2 hours during the day to get the new seed germinated and growing.

It would be nice for the Rachio controller to help with this.

Thanks for responding to my previous question. The Rachio is much easier to set vs the Rainbird SMTme, which is algorithm based. I have my Rachio controller linked to my weather station reporting on Weather Underground!

Thanks again!

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!