Community Moderation Change

Hey there Rachio Fam!

I want to announce a change to our Community moderation process. @dane will be taking over for me as a moderator in the Rachio Community. He’ll be helping address any questions that can’t be answered through conversations with other community members or directing folks to the right place for answers. You all will be in great hands with Dane at the helm – He has been working with Rachio for 6 years now, starting in 2015 by launching Rachio Support and now as the Senior Manager of Customer Success.

:tada: Please help me give @Dane a warm welcome to the Community. :tada:

It has been an amazing 3 years hanging out with you all in here - I’m looking forward to joining as a homeowner and Racho user soon :slight_smile:

:cheers: Lo

As a reminder, formal support from the broader Rachio Support team can be found through email, chat, and phone, while the Community lives on as a more casual forum. Dane and a few other Rachio team members are active in the Community, but cannot answer every support question that comes through.

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